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Our expertise in aeration has given us years of practical experience with different air diffusers. For thousands of clients world-wide, we offer a solid selection of air diffuser technologies to choose from including our very own Bubble Tubing and OctoAir-10 diffuser to EPDM membrane diffuser discs and air stones.
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Technical specifications

Waste water treatment with fine bubble aerationAir diffusers selection is critical to optimizing aeration in a lake, waste water treatment plant or pond. Let us assist you with matching the best available diffuser technology to the aeration application and to the air pressure provided by the compressor.  We take into consideration many factors regarding an aeration project when considering which air diffuser is best:

  • Goals, application of aeration
  • Basin size, depth, shape
  • Compressor size and style
  • Budget
  • Bubble size

Lake and Pond Benefits from bottom aeration

Bottom aeration with fine bubble diffuser such as Bubble Tubing. Credit: DGA Tech. Navales, Philippe BoyceThere has been a longstanding discussion on what is better: lake bottom aeration or surface aeration. There are applications advantages for both, but most common is the lake bottom aeration. Here is why:

  • Entire water column receives circulation – up to 4000 gallons per minute depending on diffuser depth and type,
  • Elimination of thermal stratification,
  • Increased dissolved oxygen levels that stimulate the natural aerobic digestion process thus reducing nutrient levels and associated algal growth where it begins, at the lake floor,
  • Elimination of oxygen related fish kills and expansion of the oxygenated habitat and ecosystem,
  • Reduction of mosquito and aquatic midge infestations,
  • Elimination of foul odors from undesirable gases,
  • Reduction of organic bottom sediment,
  • Preservation of a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

To this end, we carry the following types of air diffusers. If you do not see what you are looking for or  you need solid advice, contact us so we can help!

Bubble Tubing® fine bubble linear air diffuser

Bubble Tubing linear diffuser gives an optimal water Products Ltd. manufactures this proprietary self-sinking aeration Bubble Tubing® in Canada to improve aeration in both shallow and deep waters. Sewage lagoons, waste water treatment plants, earth ponds, reflection and architectural pools, de-icing in salt and fresh water are some applications for bubble tubing.

Bubble Tubing® is flexible, easy to install, durable, requires little maintenance and is used world- wide in thousands of aeration projects, maximizing aeration where it counts, at the sediment level! Available in 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1-1/4” sizes; without weighted ballast in ½” and ¾” formats.

Air Diffuser Type: Linear self-sinking or non-sinking bubbler hose made from flexible PVC, perforated with micro holes.
CFM: Please refer to the technical sheet for details
Bubble Size: Very Fine
Minimum Pressure: 10 psi, to a maximum pressure of 40 psi

OctoAir-10™ industrial grade air diffuser

Efficient lake aeration with an OctoAir-10 fine bubble diffuserVisit our OctoAir-10™ pages (for aeration or deicing purpose) to learn more about this industrial grade air diffuser that integrates linear bubble tubing into its design.

Air Diffuser Type: Linear ½” bubbler hose made from flexible PVC, perforated with micro holes, embedded in a stainless steel octagonal frame.
CFM: Minimum: .045 cfm/ft for ½” Bubble Tubing® for aeration, 1 cfm/ft for deicing purposes
Bubble Size: Very Fine
Minimum Pressure: 10 psi, to a maximum pressure of 40psi

Kasco Marine Robust-Aire diffusers

Robust Aire Diffuser for ponds and lakesKasco Robust-Aire air diffuser is designed to provide robust air bubbles with the least amount of pressure to aerate your pond.

The base is made of durable plastic and a locking fill plug allows you to fill it with gravel or other weighted substrate. It has a raised design that keeps the diffusers performing at an optimal level above the pond bottom. A durable, bolted, strain relief attachment insures that the weighted tubing will not become detached during installation or maintenance. A check valve with Viton seals keeps water from entering the tubing when the system is not operating.

Air Diffuser Type: Soaker hose type diffuser mounted on weighted (just pour sand into base) base.
CFM: 1 – 3.5
Bubble Size: Medium-fine
Minimum Pressure: No restriction

Quad-Air stones air diffusers

Airstone diffuserQuad-Air Diffusion Stones is an aeration device that includes four air stones attached to a robust plastic base. Each stone measures 4cm (1.5”) x 4cm (1.5”) x 7cm (2 ¾”). Holes in the base allow for it to be attached to a brick if necessary. This set of stones is ideal for small to medium sized water gardens.

With a suitable compressor sized according to the dimensions of the pond the stones will oxygenate the water column effectively.

The oxygenation is essential for maintaining a good water quality and to allow beneficial bacteria to live in the aquatic environment. The Quad-Air Diffusion system has the advantages of allowing air to escape without any restrictions due to its porous composition and so can be used with less powerful compressors.

It is also possible to add an aeration system incorporating two or more Quad-Air diffusers depending on the size of the pond and the compressor.

Air Diffuser Type: Four small air stones mounted on a plastic disc base.
CFM: Total cfm is 1.2 or 0.3 cfm each stone
Bubble Size: Medium Fine
Minimum Pressure:  No restriction

EPDM Membrane Diffuser disc

Single EPDM membrane air diffuser disc

Each strong EPDM (rubber) membrane is composed of up to 1000 tiny holes that release thousands of micro bubbles when compressed air inflates the disc.  Energy saving design requires only 0.5 CFM of air supply for proper operation. For steep slope and deep water applications consider an aeration disc diffuser system as it provides fine bubbles from one location.

The self-cleaning flexible membrane openings prevent clogging in the dirtiest of lakes. Immersion in the muddiest of pond bottoms even where the water is dirty or brackish will not hamper the performance of the disc. Salt water or hard water or sludge thickened basins are not a problem for these powerful air diffusers.

Most aerating bubbles produced with the powerful micro bubble technology are only .5 to 1.0 millimeters in diameter. The fundamental decrease in bubble size dramatically increases oxygen transfer rates. This will provide your pond with the most in aeration efficiency. The male connection is ¾” threads.

These rugged assemblies are ideal for updating and retrofitting worn-out, clogged or broken airstone type diffusers. No more airstone acid cleaning or frequent replacement necessary.

Flexible 7” or 9″ diameter membrane disc creates a strong, reliable bubble column for efficient lifting volume and aerating action.

Air Diffuser Type: Round EPDM membrane diffuser disc, 7” or 9”.
CFM: 0.5 – 3 cfm for 7” disc, 0.5 – 6 cfm for 9”
Bubble Size: Fine
Minimum Pressure: 0.5 – 0.6 psi
Technical Information :

  • Self-cleaning, low maintenance construction
  • Micro-bubble technology
  • Five year warranty Membrane Diffusers
  • Single membrane features a non-stick coating to prevent biofilm and calcium build-up

Cleaning your air diffusers with Biopurge (PDF)