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Canadianpond.ca Products carries small fountains for a water garden basin or custom designed fountains for large architectural projects and everything in between. Our staff will help you chose the best fountain for your application, respecting budget, design and aesthetic considerations. Contact us if you need advice on fountain sizing or project support.

Nothing can be more stunning than a floating fountain, lit at night, along a parkway or in the downtown of a city. Citizens appreciate the sound of splashing water, the contrast of light and dark, and are mesmerized by how the wind carries the spray. A fountain provides a focal point or an excuse to get out and go for a stroll. Fountains can be operated for three seasons every year (excluding winter), around the clock or on a set schedule by using a timer. For a minimal cost per day, fountains can provide pleasure to thousands of residents and tourists, from pre-schoolers to senior citizens and everyone in between. To satisfy this demand, we have a large selection of floating fountains. Some are offered with interchangeable nozzles that create many different spray patterns such as Kasco Marine JF decorative floating fountains. Others come with just one pattern but have an impeller that also offers aeration, such as Kasco Marine VFX aerating floating fountains.


Fountain lights sets extend the pleasure of having a fountain in the evening. Lights are now available in LED as well as clear or coloured Halogen bulbs.

Fountains are not only lovely to look at and listen to.  They provide benefits to the water body. Fountains move water and provide some aeration. Their spray can move floating debris away and inhibit some aquatic weed growth. The falling water also breaks water surface tension and moves stagnant water, a condition that deters some female insects from egg laying.

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