About Us

Who Are We?

Canadianpond.ca Products Ltd. and Produits Etang.ca Ltée are the same company that operates in both English and French. Our offices and storefront are located in the village of Knowlton (Lac-Brome), Quebec, Canada.

We offer aeration system design services, on-site and remote consultation, product sales, installation and service for private, industrial and municipal clients throughout Canada, the US and around the world. Many clients receive advice from us over the phone or through our online needs form. In some instances we can offer project supervision.

Our private clients consult us regarding water quality issues such as algae, poor water clarity, fish kills and invasive weed problems. Many choose to beautify their waterscapes with lighted fountains. Lake associations meet with us to plan ways to improve soluble phosphorous loads and reduce other nutrients in their water that contribute to persistent weeds, algae problems and fish kill. Campgrounds rely on us to help keep their beaches open throughout the summer.

Industrial clients come to us for large scale aeration and de-icing projects. We are experts at retrofitting existing aeration systems with state of the art products that not only reduce operational costs, but improve parameter readings through more efficient oxygen transfer rates. Check out our Bubble Tubing® website dedicated to our innovative products bubbletubing.com.

Municipalities work with us to improve public bathing waters, to update water treatment facilities or to partner up for special projects in the realm of aquatic habitat improvement and surface water management. We have many solutions for diversifying aquatic habitat in urban environments while enriching the public’s interaction with natural aquatic habitats.

Our clients appreciate our ability to problem solve as a team, and to find creative solutions for a wide array of water quality issues, that are often more cost effective then current systems. If we do not have what you are looking for on our website, we can try to find and order what you need. We are well known for our excellent after-sale service.


Our success is based on several principles:

  • Listening to our clients’ needs and developing an integrated approach to reach objectives, time lines and budgets.
  • Selling only what is required, when required and only if required.
  • Offering the best products available to us. We only sell products that we would use in our own ponds. We value quality, experience and proven effectiveness over making a quick sale. We have designed our own products when we could not find what we wanted on the market. We are actively involved in research and development, and design for our own and other manufacturer’s products.
  • Encouraging a team approach. The Canadianpond Team works with the client for the best results. Promoting water management concepts to our clients allows them to become better water managers themselves while furthering environmental stewardship and improving water quality over time.
  • We strive to stay informed about research and developments in our field. We stay abreast of the latest developments and findings regarding water quality, technological developments and other issues pertaining to our clients or our products through training, research and information technologies. We are passionate about pond and water management!
  • Drawing on extensive field experience, water testing results, observation from site visits, annecdotal accounts, photos and site plans, we use these tools to help assess a problem and to design effective solutions. As distributors of over 20 brand name products, we know intimately the performance ratings, limitations and strengths of all our products.

You are in exceptionally capable hands at Canadianpond.ca!


CanadianPond.ca retail store and head office
Demonstration pond located at the store
Terrace of the company
CanadianPond.ca retail store and head office

Mission Statement

Canadianpond.ca Products Ltd. provides quality products and water management solutions that consistently exceed customer expectations.

This commitment is assured through our provision of:

Solid performance indicators that focus on internal and external customer satisfaction: on-time delivery; value for the client; continual improvement and respect of CPP corporate values.
An agile framework known as Vision 20/25+ including several pillars that support measurable business objectives for quality and success.
A commitment to satisfy applicable requirements.