Biological treatment of water, Aquatic Tools, De-icing and Aeration solutions

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With its distributors and its international delivery service, Products provides water quality management products and environmental solutions for water treatment, aeration and de-icing projects for municipalities, industries, marinas, mining operations, lake associations and private owners of lakes, ponds and basins since 2003! Products customers come from the United States, Europe and France, Asia and Canada, including Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland.

We provide reliable and cost-effective custom designed solutions to ensure you get the right system, whether it be to optimize and restore existing water treatment installations or for new systems involving authorized capital, operation, and maintenance costs. Our extensive experience in cold water technologies combined with our many experiences in pond, lake, and lagoon projects has provided us with a strong level of technical understanding of these processes.

What are our pond, lake, and lagoon products?

On top of being a supplier for larger industrial projects, we are also a supply store that provides pond, lake, and lagoon equipment and water treatment products.

Bubble Tubing®, our fine bubble linear diffuser, tested by an independent engineering firm, is a highly efficient air diffuser recommended for aeration, de-icing as well as air bubble curtain applications.

Bacterius®, our line of natural beneficial bacteria water treatments and aquatic dyes

CanadianAir Aeration Systems, Thawline Bubbler Deicers and OctoAir industrial grade diffusers are all diffusers also developed exclusively by for aeration, deicing and creating bubble curtains.

We are also dealers for:

  • Kasco Marine Robust-Aire pond aerators, circulators and surface aerators, aerating and decorative floating fountains and dock de-icers
  • The Seika Ecorator industrial air diffuser/mixer with Venturi effect
  • Hypolimnion aerators that oxygenates in deep lakes
  • Solar-powered aeration systems
  • Aquascreen bottom screen (benthic barrier)
  • Lake Bottom Blanket (benthic barrier)
  • BioMatrix Water Floating Islands Ecosystems / Treatment Wetlands (FTW)
  • Aquatic weed rake, fork and cutter tools
  • Compressors, air pumps and submersible pumps
  • Pond bubblers for aeration and deicing
  • Parts and repair kits
  • And many more pond supply products!

Do you have problems with water quality? We are the experts and we have the solutions! Visit our Resources section or contact us for specific information for your project. We are always here to answer your questions and to offer sound advice!

Bacterius Equinox

Starting at $23.25

Lake Bottom Blanket

Starting $261.25

Floating Fountain Kasco Marine

Starting $2,210.46