Water aeration is our specialty.  It has been the foundation of our business for over the past two decades. We know how to meet aeration goals with high-quality pond bubblers, aerators, circulators, diffusers, compressors and tubing using proven techniques that save time while reducing operating costs. 

Benefits of Aeration

As shown in’s video animation aeration improves water quality.

Aerated Pond vs Non-Aerated Pond from Products Ltd. on Vimeo.

Aeration helps reduce sludge, degassing ammonia and methane, and removing CO2 from treated water. Aeration has also been shown to improve oxidation and clarify water in settling and discharge basins to meet effluent standards. has the aeration solutions for a significant and broad customer base. The basins, ponds and lakes that receive aeration are equally diverse, as are the goals and results. The same aeration technology can solve an impressive array of water quality problems from targeting specific organics, reduction of odors, mixing and degassing to name a few.

The “PRIME-VERT” grant is currently available for fruit and vegetable producers in Quebec who want to buy an aeration system for their irrigation pond to decontaminate it by lowering the level of e-Coli and coliform types of bacteria.


Goals of Aeration

We always start with the goals for aeration. Does your aquaculture business want to reduce operating costs while improving water clarity? Do the regulations require decontamination of holding tanks faster than your system currently performs? Is the drinking reservoir or lake contaminated with Manganese (Mn) leaving otherwise safe water unfit for drinking? Or how can operational costs be reduced using bottom aeration instead of surface aerators to treat leachate in basins and retaining ponds? Proper aeration is an ecological and efficient component to address these environmental management issues.


Fine Bubble Aeration Diffusers

The fine bubbles (also called micro bubbles) from aeration systems are critical for achieving results whether oxygenating a wastewater treatment plant, using aeration to control excess nutrients such as Phosphorous (P) or controlling gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). Fine bubble aeration can also be used for liquid mixing. Not only do bubbles transfer oxygen, but they also move and mix, clarify and de-stratify and may decontaminate water by oxidation. The size of the bubble matters greatly for the application where finer bubbles lead to higher oxygen transfer. offers a range of aeration diffusers such as Bubble Tubing® and OctoAir.  These diffusers perform optimally under different environmental conditions and for various applications. Contact us for inspiration and sound advice. Our proposals respect operating budgets, timelines and desired air transfer results.

Bottom Aerators Versus Surface Aerators

Some applications may require surface aerators, such as fish farming, where de-stratifying the water column is not desired. However, we can provide bottom aeration which only targets the hypolimnion. The importance of choosing bottom versus surface aerators is that the oxygen transfer rate is usually higher. Also as bubbles break the surface tension, oxygen found in the atmosphere can be transferred to exposed water. We can help you decide which system is best for your application.

Our Mission Statement as Leaders in Water Aeration:

  • To be a valuable team member in finding cost-effective, energy efficient solutions for a wide array of aeration needs, advising only for what is required.
  • To seek innovative and creative solutions for improving water quality with a CanadianAir Aeration System that performs exceptionally well with reduced energy consumption and operational costs.
  • To offer our expertise and assistance with technical performance and efficiency, for new systems and for retrofitting existing systems.
  • To supply top quality parts with full after sale service, so aeration systems perform optimally over time.
  • To stay ahead of developments in our field and offer advice based on our expertise and experience in real life situations.
  • To continually stay connected to leaders in our field, improving what we do.
  • To deliver more than what is expected.
Bubble Tubing® Technology
Air diffusers in a pond
Lafontaine Park in Montreal
Solar panel aeration

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