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Should I turn off my aeration system in the winter?

Yes, if you want to skate on your pond you should turn off the compressor. If the compressor location is not heated, unplug the compressor from the tubing and store it in a warm place for winter.  If there is fish in the pond, you can leave it going if you want to continue moving to oxygenate the water.  Be sure to install some DANGER THIN ICE signs around your pond.  In neighborhoods with children we recommend you turn it off.

Is it best to aerate all day and night or just at night?

If you can aerate all the time, this is best. Some ponds however are very shallow or are in full sun. In these cases you may want to aerate using a timer, during the coolest times in the day (evening).

What information do I need to know in order to purchase an aeration system for my pond?

You need to know the depth of the pond in several places, the length and width, and the age of the pond if possible. Best to be certain about the dimensions, as most of us have difficulty estimating distance/depth accurately and if you are way off, it can cost you money (oversizing aeration system, overtreatment of beneficial bacteria). We can help, Contact Us.

Beneficial Bacteria

Can beneficial bacteria be shipped in the winter?

Yes, we can order a heated truck for special delivery but it is best to order bacteria before the winter months.

How can I keep my pond water from developing too many nutrients?

We always recommend to our clients not to mow their lawns too close to the pond. We love the natural look that can develop when grasses and other plants are allowed to flourish at the pond’s edge. This band of tall plants helps to capture nutrients from nutrient rich surface water from entering the pond. Also make sure surface run-off doesn’t get into the pond, as it is normally very high in phosphorous.

We put bacteria in our pond and it is still growing algae, why is that?

Many ponds that receive a fair bit of nutrients on a regular basis can be difficult to treat. Here is a checklist that can help you troubleshoot the problems in your pond:

  • Verify the size/depth of the pond and dosage of bacteria. Call us for help.
  • Do a shock treatment of bacteria every spring. Follow treatment applications regularly or add more bacteria if necessary.
  • All bacteria we sell thrive in aerobic environments, so add lake bottom aeration if you haven`t already done so. Aeration, fountains and waterfalls are not equivalent systems for giving oxygen to a pond.
  • Check to make sure your existing aeration system is functioning properly.
  • If your pond is in the sun and you run your fountain or waterfall all the time in the summer, consider running it only on a timer during the cooler parts of the day.
  • Check the pH of the pond to make sure it is within the range for bacteria to work.
  • If your product has been open for a while, froze and / or has been in stock for several years, chances are the bacteria population contained is no longer active and efficient.

When is the best time to start and end bacteria treatments?

This depends on the product: Bacterius® EQUINOX can be applied to water as cold as 5°C. All our other beneficial bacteria can be applied to water at 10°C/50°F or warmer.

Is it safe to use bacteria in the pond, for swimming in the water, for pets?

Yes, it is safe for use in the pond, for domestic animals and for human swimming.

Can the bacteria freeze, or will this kill the bacteria?

Ideally no bacteria should freeze.  We recommend all left over bacteria be stored in a cool (above 0C) dry place for the winter. The liquid bacteria should not freeze and once opened it should be used within 2-3 months.

I have some bacteria left over from last season, is it still good?

Yes it is still good if it is dry bacteria; if it was liquid bacteria from an opened jug from the previous year chances are good the effectiveness of the bacteria is low.

How do I know the beneficial bacteria are properly stored at Canadianpond.ca?

We take great care managing our beneficial bacteria stock, rotating stock properly and advising our clients about proper care and storage of products. We keep all beneficial stock in our heated warehouse and ship when no danger of freezing exists.


Why do I need a deicing system?

The primary role of a deicing system is to protect structures from damage caused by ice movement. A Thawline system or a Kasco Marine propeller de-icer will protect your docks, boats and pilings from ice jacking or ice shifting.

A deicing system can also be used to keep an opening in the ice for fishing or swimming, or to provide oxygen to fish during the winter.

What damage can I prevent with a de-icer?

A deicer system will protect your structure against ice jacking or ice shifting. It will not protect against ice tsunamis.

How does de-icing work?

The water in contact with the marine bottom is a few degrees warmer than the water in contact with the winter air or ice. By introducing a current that moves this warm water to the surface, the ice is worn through by a combined process of warming and friction from the agitated waters, creating an opening in the ice!

Are there any precautions to take when operating a deicing system?

YES. When you operate a deicing system, you are creating open waters and weakening the ice around them. This can pose a risk to pedestrians, snowmobiles and large animals crossing the ice, who may fall through. It is important to comply with local regulations and post a warning sign to warn people away from the affected area.

When to use a de-icing system?

In winter when the temperature drops below 1° C. Most of our de-icing products can be used in all year long for different applications.

How do I determine which product I need?

There are 2 categories of de-icing systems:

  1. Thawline Air Diffuser System
  2. Kasco Marine impeller de-icers

This page HERE describes the advantages and limitations of each of these two options, to help you choose the best solution depending on the size of the structure to be protected, the shape of the desired opening, your budget and other constraints. Let us help you decide; fill out this form and contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Can winter de-icing improve water quality?

YES. Thawline de-icers can be used in summer to oxygenate the water column and prevent algae growth. Both Thawline and Kasco de-icers circulate the water and prevent it from becoming stagnant when in function, no matter the time of year.

My system creates slush - is this normal?

Yes. Sometimes a de-icing system placed in shallow water or during extremely cold weather will create ‘slush’, also called frasil. Frasil does not pose a risk of damage to your structures.

Thawline De-icing

What is the minimum required depth for my system to work properly?

Your Thawline system’s optimal functioning depth is from 4-20 feet. If the Bubble Tubing® is placed in less than 2 feet of water, the  de-icing effect may be null, and ice may damage the tubing.

Where should the compressor be placed?

In a dry place protected from bad weather (shed, cabinet, boathouse). Be aware that the location of the compressor will affect the length of air supply hose required.

How do I insulate the Torpedo lines to prevent blockages?

When a compressed air system is used in winter, it is essential to insulate the airline tubing in contact with the outside air. The cooled compressed air produces condensation which, if it freezes, can completely block the tubing and cause strain on the compressor. You should insulate the airline tubing by burying it under 12 inches of soil, by placing a heated wire along it or by wrapping it with insulating foam.

Do I have to run my system all the time?

Ideally yes, the compressor should run 24 hours a day to yield best results. Doing this will also prevent line blockages.

How do I unblock a blocked line?

If a line should accidentally become blocked, stop the compressor, pour 500 ml of isopropyl alcohol (70% rubbing alcohol) into the tubing and leave for 15 minutes before starting the compressor again.

What do I do with my system during the summer?

The Thawline system can be left in place, turned off or kept working and used as an aeration system during the summer. Click HERE to read more on the benefits of aeration. Remember to do the yearly maintenance on your systems!

Kasco De-icing

What are the mounting options for my Kasco unit?

There are three mounting options for your Kasco de-icer: Hanging off of included ropes, Dock Mount (optional) or Horizontal Float (optional, less optimal mounting due to the weight of snow and ice that can accumulate).

What is the minimum water depth for the system to work properly?

On a horizontal float, your unit can be placed over 2 feet of water or more. On a dock mount or when suspended by ropes, there must be a minimum of 4 feet of water to prevent unit damage.

Why do I need to calculate the length of electrical cord for my Kasco unit?

It is not recommended to use an extension cord, so it is important to calculate the distance between your unit and the electrical outlet, including how deep it will be going underwater.

Where should I position my Kasco de-icer?

The de-icer should be placed where the water is deepest, to maximize the de-iced area. This location tends to be at the end of the dock, facing towards the bank or under the dock structure you wish to keep free of ice.

Do I have to run the unit all the time?

Ideally yes, but it is possible to put your unit on a timer or thermostat, as seen HERE.

What do I do with my unit during the summer?

Your Kasco unit can be removed during the summer or kept on a dock mount to push away floating debris such as leaves, algae and silt. Remember to make sure you do the yearly maintenance!


Do you speak English?

We get a lot of questions about this, the answer is Yes! All of us are bilingual, some more than others but everyone here speaks English, so don`t be shy to call or shy to try out your French! In fact the region we work and live in was originally settled by the English, and our community of Lac Brome is about 50/50 English and French.

When will my order leave your warehouse?

When the product is in stock, we usually ship the next day, although in the high season allow 2 days from order date. Some items are special order, some in transit and some are back ordered. If your item is not in stock someone will notify you.

How can I track my shipment?

When your order leaves our warehouse you will receive the invoice for your purchase via email. On this invoice in the Description box will be the tracking number and the name of the carrier. Simply go online, search for tracking a package, and begin your search the next day so that the transaction can enter the system of the carrier.  Please visit our Delivery Service section for more details.  If you have any problems tracking your package, please let us know so we can help!

My pump/fountain needs repair. How do I go about arranging this?

Simply call us and ask to speak to a sales person, we will take down the relevant information and give you a return number that you write on the package.  If pump/fountain is under warranty, we pay shipping one way.  If warranty has passed, client pays shipping both ways.  Please pack your pump up extremely well so it is not damaged in shipping.

Can someone see our project for a consultation?

For industrial projects we travel far and wide, please contact us for details.

In certain specific conditions, when we have time, we could visit our local clients for pond consultation in regards to water quality, but never for pond construction or dam repairs etc. In high season we cannot do this kind of visit unfortunately.

Web orders

I am having problems with checkout. What can I do?

Online shopping experiences can be varied dependent on several factors.  Slowness can be attributed to the speed of the store or client internet provider server.  The location, the computer’s operating system, anti-virus and firewall programs, up-to-date programs, etc. can all affect your experience online. Occasionally it takes longer to do the checkout on our website, which is an issue we are working to rectify. Please allow sufficient time for a page to load or refresh before continuing to the next step. Fast clicking before a page has fully loaded can sometimes halt the order normal process.

If you are still experiencing troubles with online orders, do not hesitate to Contact Us. We want you to have a positive experience with us and will do what we can to assist you or take your order over the phone! (Monday – Friday   9am – 5pm).

Items added to my cart do not appear

Sometimes, depending on your browser, the items added to your shopping cart do not appear. If this happens, simply “refresh” (update) the page by clicking on the “Update Cart” button.

How much will I pay for my delivery?

Please visit our Delivery Service page to consult our online shipping rates throughout Canada.

Can I choose my delivery service?

Canada is a very large country with some remote locations.  Depending on your location, we will select the most efficient carrier for your parcel delivery.  As your items are ready to ship, you will receive your invoice by email with tracking number and carriers name confirmation.  For more details, please visit our Delivery Service page.

When will my order leave your warehouse?

When the product is in stock, we usually ship the next day, although in the high season allow 2 days from order date. Some items are special order, some in transit and some are back ordered. If your item is not in stock, someone will notify you.

How can I track my shipment?

When your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive the invoice for your purchase via email. On this invoice in the Description box will be the tracking number and the name of the carrier. Simply go online, search for tracking a package, and begin your search the next day so that the transaction can enter the system of the carrier.  Please visit our Delivery Service section for more details.  If you have any problems tracking your package, please let us know so we can help!

What payment method do you accept when placing an online order

When placing an order on CanadianPond.ca website, we accept payment by Visa and MasterCard credit cards. All information is encrypted for your security. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.


What should we know about the laws and regulations surrounding algaecides in Quebec?

In Canada, the field of pesticides, and therefore algaecides, is a shared responsibility between the federal government, provincial or territorial governments and municipal bodies. The federal government also controls the registration and re-evaluation of pesticides and their marketing and labeling. The main objectives of the Pest Control Products Act (Pest Control Products Act) under the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) are to protect human health and the environment. The Pest Control Products Act therefore defines the obligations of pesticide suppliers. Provinces and territories may regulate the storage, sale, use, transportation and disposal of federally registered pesticides. They also manage the training and certification of pesticide vendors and users. In Quebec, the Pesticides Act has two main objectives: to avoid and reduce harm to the environment and health, and to rationalize and reduce the use of pesticides. The Pesticides Management Code and the Regulation respecting permits and certificates for the sale and use of pesticides derive from that Act. The last Regulation dictates the categories and sub-categories of certificates corresponding to the activities relating to the sale and use of pesticides. According to this regulation, Canadianpond.ca has the following retail and application licenses:

  • Category B license (B1) – Retail pesticide
  • CD category license (C2) – Application of pesticides in aquatic environments

For their part, municipalities have the power in several provinces to establish more detailed regulations, taking into account local particularities. For more information on the regulations in force in Québec, please consult the Regulation respecting permits and Certificates for the sale and use of pesticides.

Who can sell, buy and apply algaecides in Quebec?

The Regulation respecting permits and certificates for the sale and use of pesticides governs the classification of pesticides and establishes a permit system (for companies) and certification of qualification for pesticide sellers and users in Québec.   Class 3 algaecides can only be purchased by a person who meets one of the following conditions:

  • A licensee (category C or D) who authorizes him to perform work involving the use of this pesticide;
  • Class C permits work to be carried out for remuneration. The subcategory for work with algaecide is C2.
  • Class D permits work to be performed without remuneration. The corresponding subcategory is D2. Any person wishing to do the work for him-self must possess this license.
  • Exempt from such a permit, but holds, or has in its service a holder, a certificate of application of pesticides of categories E (E1-E1.1 and E2) or F.

If you do not hold one of these permits or certificates you can not buy nor apply algaecide yourself. If you need an algaecide we offer an algaecide application service, contact us!

Does the regulation on algaecides in Quebec also apply to other provinces and countries ?

No, even if the algaecides is licensed according to the PMRA, (which is a federal agency), each province and country has its own regulations for the sale, purchase and use of pesticides.

You must make sure that your use of algaecide is compliant with local laws and regulations. Our pesticide application service is only offered to clients established in the province of Quebec.

What is Think Purity algaecide?

The Think Purity Algaecide  is a Commercial Federal and Provincial Class 3 pesticides (Section 5.1 of the Regulations).

  • The product contains ionized copper (present as copper sulphate pentahydrate) at 5%.
  • The Pest Control Products Registration Number is 27754
  • The manufacturer is Axsys Direct Manufacturing

Is CanadianPond selling algaecide?

Yes! Resuming sales and service in the summer 2024 season.

If you are interested in our algaecide application service or want to purchase algaecide please contact us.