Application services for Bacterius®, Algaecide and aquatic dye

Recurring Application Service contracts:

For local clients, who want to take the hassle out of treating their pond or for towns and companies who don’t have the required personnel offers a recurring application service for a variety of water treatment products.

Beneficial bacteria treatments with Bacterius products work best at keeping your pond clear and clean when applied on a recurring basis throughout the summer. For liquid treatments, such as Bacterius Pond, Bacterius Equinoxe or our CanadianPond Pond Dye we recommend monthly treatments since after a month of an active ecosystem the concentration of these products has had time to dilute over 30 days. For dry treatments, biweekly application is best and allows you to maintain a stable beneficial bacteria population in your pond.

Opt for peace of mind! Have CanadianPond take care of treating your pond all summer long.  For clients that aren’t always near their pond, recurring applications allow you to be consistent on your treatment schedule and make sure your pond can be enjoyed whenever you want to!

Moreover, if it is deemed necessary, we can also apply monthly doses of algaecide to eliminate excess algae or cyanobacteria. Algaecide is classified as a pesticide and requires special manipulation; its long-term use can cause other issues for your pond. Contact us if you believe your pond needs monthly algaecide treatments. For more information on Algaecide, see below.

treatment with Bacterius bacteria

Liquid dye application

Single Application Services:

Our application service is also available on a single application basis. If you’re on vacation and will miss an application of bacteria during the peak of summer, or you simply want to try our water treatments for the first time we can ensure the application is done right by a member of our team!

In most cases, our algaecide application service will be a one-time use when the water quality of your pond gets out of control, and you are infested with algae or if a municipal swimming beach is having a sudden outbreak of cyanobacteria. Algaecide treatments generally require some specific on-site conditions that must be met before an application is made.



More on Our Algaecide Treatment

Algaecide is a pesticide product whose sale is controlled by a variety of government agencies federal and provincial. Depending on your location, you may be able to purchase algaecide and apply it yourself, visit the product page for more information (COMING SOON).  In Quebec, where CanadianPond is located we can sell algaecide directly to consumers who detain a permit. For clients who do not have a permit, we do offer an algaecide application service done by one of our team’s trained professionals. We are compliant with all necessary laws and regulations, holding all necessary permits for the application and sale of these products that allow us to service companies and individuals who do not have their own application licence.

Pond/water body requirements for algaecide application service

Since algaecide is a controlled pesticide product, not all ponds or water bodies may qualify for treatment.

To prevent runoff or the contamination of other ecosystems, your pond needs to be a closed water system. In other words, your pond can’t drain into another water body or stream since this could cause the contamination of algaecide in another environment in which its application isn’t necessary. Algaecide can take up to 48 hrs to fully bind to algae in the pond, you must be able to close the water exit for this lapse of time. The water exit must be closed 24hrs before the arrival of our team.

Are there fish in your pond? If so treatment with algaecide can be toxic to certain species in high enough concentrations. A reduced concentration treatment can be applied to ensure fish survival, however, to eliminate your algae problem may necessitate a second treatment at a 48 hr interval. Contact us to know more about how we ensure fish survival when using algaecide.

To ensure that this regulated product is only used on the right type of pest, we need a confirmation of the issue at hand. Be it excessive green algae, cyanobacteria, or E. coli we need to have a confirmation that this is in fact the issue at hand in your water body. For algae and cyanobacteria, a visual confirmation is normally sufficient. In the case of E. coli, a water test result would be ideal.

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