Bacterius®, Lake Dye and Algeacide service application

Dye and Bacteria product application

Would you like someone to take care of your monthly or bi-weekly bacterial and dye treatments for you?

Opt for peace of mind! Let Products take care of your pond treatment throughout the season. An analysis of your needs will be made at the start of the season to determine the treatments to be carried out and we’ll take care of the rest.
The cost will be determined according to the products used, the frequency of application as well as the distance to reach the destination from Lac Brome, Québec.
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Liquid dye application

Algaecide Treatment

CanadianPond,ca Products offer an algaecide application service. This service is controlled by the Government of Quebec and requires certifications that Products have. The application of algaecide is a good tool to use when toxic algae growth is a problem but must be used responsibly. Excessive use of this product can cause copper to build up in the sediment leading to a sterile water bed and killing important beneficial bacteria, microorganisms, snails and other beneficial creatures. Adding aeration and regular application of beneficial bacteria to your pond can help prevent the reappearance of algae for long-term health of your water body.

We no longer offer that service.





Make sure you have the following information in hand:

  • Is your pond a closed system? If your pond drains into a stream, river, etc. the application of algaecide is prohibited to avoid any contamination of the product in an environment where the treatment is not needed.
  • Are there fish in your pond? Treatment with an algaecide at a certain concentration can be toxic to certain fish species and therefore the presence of fish in your pond can affect the dosage of the treatment.
  • What is the problem to be corrected by an algaecide treatment? Green algae, E Coli or Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). The dosage of the treatment varies according to the problem to be solved in order to obtain an optimal result.
  • Does your body of water fall into the following categories? Rainwater retention tanks, leachate water treatment basins, animal manure, municipal drinking water tanks, golf club ponds. These types of water bodies require an algaecide treatment with NSF certification with Polydex product. This treatment complies with standards for the safety of food and drinking water.

How the treatment works

The algaecide treatment is absorbed by algae or unwanted bacteria. The copper ions contained in the algaecide treatment interfere with and block several metabolic processes essential to their survival, such as the permeability of their cell membranes, respiration, digestion, reproduction and can even affect the DNA of algae and bacteria. The result is the death of algae or bacteria due to the malfunction of their metabolism.

After the treatment

Once the treatment is done, as much as possible, remove the dead algae that floats on the surface of the water. If you let this dead organic matter sink in and break down, then it will provide a new source of nutrients that will stimulate algae regrowth. In addition, dead algae that has risen to the surface may have a brownish appearance and exhibit gas bubbles and foam caused by bacterial activity in decomposing and recycling the dead material. This crucial step is usually only short-lived, and the water will clear up over the next few days. In clear water, the application will have no visual effect other than retaining the clarity of the water.

Purchase of algaecide without the application service

If you are interested in purchasing algaecide products without our application service, due to the control that this product is subject to by the Government of Quebec, you must provide a proof that you have an E certificate relating to the purchase of pesticides. This Certificate is issued by the Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development and the Environment for the Fight against Climate Change. Without this information, companies cannot sell this product without applying it.

Reminder: We no longer offer this service.

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