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Kasco Marine Fountain Lights Sets



Adding fountain lights to your display creates a dramatic show after dark. Lights are a simple way to highlight the beauty of your fountain once the sun has set. This item ships for free when purchased online.

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Technical specifications

We offer an exciting selection of light kits for Kasco Floating Fountains.  LED or Halogen lights can extend the daily enjoyment time of your fountain well into the evening hours. They can be used with either the Kasco “JF” decorative fountain series, the VFX aerating fountain series for 1/2HP up to 7.5 HP or the XStream Fountains.

Industrial Grade
Composite Housing
Industrial Grade
Composite Housing
Stainless Steel
Puck Lighting String
Bronze Housing
LED Waterglow™ RGB
Model codesLED3125 - 3 lights
LED6125 - 6 lights

Warranty1 year2 year2 year1 year2 year2 year
Light Bulbs per Kit3 or 63 or 63 or 682, 3 or 63 or 6
Brightness9 watt/bulb11 watt/bulb19 watt/bulb7 watt for string50 watt/colored bulb
75 watt/white bulb
5 watt/bulb
ColorsInterchangeable lens:
red, green, orange, blue
Interchangeable lens:
red, amber, green, orange, blue
White, blue, red, orange, greenWhiteBulbs: white, red, green, blue, amberWhite, warm white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, cyan, magenta
Fountain size1/2HP to 7.5HP1/2HP to 7.5HP1/2HP to 7.5HPVFX: 1/2HP to 3/4HP
JF: 3/4HP
1/2HP to 7.5HP1/2HP to 1HP (3 bulbs)
2 & 3 HP (6 bulbs)

Kasco Marine Light Kits Brochure (PDF)

Waterglow™ RGB lighting (RGB3C5, RGB6C5)

The versatile Waterglow™ RGB light kit is the perfect addition to your JF and VFX fountain. The RGB lights model offers 9 different colours and the brightness levels can be adjusted at 6, 12, 25, 50 and 100%. A remote control with 3 Automatic Sequencing Modes is offered and allows you to set the light kit to change from colour to colour at different transitions. You can also connect your playing device to the controller so your lights will follow the rhythm of music played. (playing device must support a 3.5mm Y connector, not included with the unit) Your events and night life near the pond will be highlighted with the Waterglow™ RGB lights!

Composite LED Lights (LED3125, LED6125, LED3C11, LED6C11)Kasco Marine LED3C11 light kit

For use with all Kasco JF, XStream and VFX Aerating Fountains 1/2HP to 7.5HP
LED lights are bright, extremely energy efficient and colourful. The standard LED3125 and LED3C11 come with a 3 fixture light kit with bracketing to fit the floats, most suitable for fountains up to 1HP. The LED6125 and LED6C11 uses a double set of the LED 3 light kit for a total of 6 lights including light brackets and additional float brackets for 2HP – 7.5 HP fountains.

  • Each kit includes clear, blue, amber, red, or green lenses so you can change colours for any occasion!
  • Cord lengths:  15.2 m (50 feet) to 152 m (500 feet)

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of this set of lights is its very competitive price! In addition, LED lights are made of non-corrosive and waterproof material reducing the frequency and cost of repairs and maintenance. Each light uses 9 watts, a fraction of what conventional lights consume. You are then reducing your power consumption costs.

Stainless Steel LED lights (LED3S19, LED6S19)Kasco Marine LED3S19 stainless steel light kit

This robust LED Stainless steel housing uses 19-watt bulbs for a bright and vivid effect and comes with a 2-year warranty. The LED3S19 is a 3 light kit ideal for fountain from ½ to 1HP. LED6S19 is composed of 2 sets of 3 light kits with brackets to mount on the Kasco Marine float. The 6 lights are recommended for the JF and VFX floating fountain from 2HP up to 7.5HP.

LED Puck Lights for small fountains (LED8012W)

This economic LED Puck Light kit is composed of 8 small lights designed to nest into the float of the XStream, JF and VFX small fountain models for ½ and ¾ models. The 8 puck lights kit is providing a total of 7 watts and is offered in white only.

Bronze Halogen Kasco Lighting (LR-275, LR-375, LR-675)

For use with all Kasco Decorative and Aerating Fountains 1/2HP and 7.5HP

The Bronze Light Packages are of the highest quality and will illuminate your fountain patterns for breath taking nighttime displays. You can also add two LR-375 Lighting Packages to any 2, 3, 5 or 7.5 HP unit with additional brackets to create a brighter and more dramatic nighttime display.  Each fixture has a 6′ underwater rated cord that joins at a junction box with one main power cord returning to shore in 50′ to 500′ cord Kasco Marine halogen light LR675 for floating fountainslength options or quick disconnect.

Low Voltage Bronze Halogen bulbs, 75W MR-16:

  • Options of 2 (LR-275), 3 (LR-375) or 6 lights kit (LR-675, ask us for details)
  • Clear (white) standard bulb, or red, green, blue, yellow bulbs available on request
  • Each fixture is solid bronze with a clear lens, multiple seals, thermal overload protection
  • Kasco LR Light Kit Manual (PDF)

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