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Bacterius™ POND, nitrification and organic sediment control

4 – Bacterius™ POND, nitrification and control of organic sediment



Bacterius™ POND maintains a natural equilibrium in your pond, keeping water clear, helping reduce organic sediments and controlling the growth of algae.

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Technical specifications

Bacterius™ POND: natural beneficial bacteria for ponds and lakesBacterius™ POND is a blend of nitrifying bacteria that consume excess nutrients in the water column, reducing algae growth, clarifying water and reducing the accumulation of muck at the bottom of a lake.

The strains in Bacterius™ POND were selected for their effectiveness and their stability. Concentrated bacilli consume organic waste and target the nitrogen cycle in water. The bacterial mix in Bacterius™ POND was designed to maintain and improve water quality in ponds. The addition of beneficial bacteria increases the microbial activity which in turn reduces the effect of eutrophication.

Bacterius™ POND is free of preservatives, pathogen-free and safe for wildlife, plants, pets and humans.

Start the application in early summer or when the water has reached 10-15 degrees Celcius. Continue with regular treatments to the beginning of fall or when water has cooled below 10°C.

Bacterius™ POND can be used in the season in combination with Bacterius™ C, Bacterius™ N and Bacterius™ EQUINOX. Contact one of our representatives to develop an application protocol according to the specifics of your pond.

Advantages of Bacterius™ POND

Bacterius™ POND is a biotechnological product for the maintenance and restoration of aquatic environments.

  • Decomposes organic matter present in the mud or in suspension in water;
  • Helps maintain aquatic ecosystem balance;
  • Helps reduce the concentration of nutrients used in fertilizers (nitrogen and phosphorous);
  • Helps reduce odours caused by anoxic conditions;
  • Fights sulphate-reducing bacteria to prevent the production of H2S gas (Hydrogen sulphide).
  • Clarifies water naturally.
  • Contributes positively to the health of flora and fauna in the pond.
  • Reduces the risk of mortality of fish and plants.


  • Naturally selected bacteria strains
  • Adapts well to a range of water bodies
  • Highly stable
  • No chemical preservatives
  • Pathogen-free
  • Active in fresh and salt water
  • Complete genetic profile available upon request

Monthly Dosage

≤ 100 m³ water volume: 15 ml / m³
> 100 m³ water volume : 7.5 ml / m³

The dosage may vary depending on the application and the environmental conditions.
Conditions: +10ºC, pH 5-9. Active in fresh and salt water.
Pour the dosage as evenly as possible on the water surface or pour near the air diffusers.
Shake well before using, as the deposit can form on the bucket bottom.



  • 1 litre
  • 4 litres
  • 20 litres
  • 205 litres *
  • 1 000 litres *

* formats available on demand


  • Lakes and ponds
  • Aquaculture basins
  • Wastewater
  • Aquariums
  • Any closed or partially closed aquatic environment