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We are here to serve you with expert advice for environmental solutions. We have extensive experience in water management and our bilingual, knowledgeable and friendly team will provide you with the best technical assistance! Whether it's a new project or an upgrade of an existing system, we can guide you from design, through installation and maintenance. For the management of private lakes and ponds, municipal and industrial wastewater, leachate from landfills, factory and mine tailings, aquatic weed management, siltation, algae control or installation of fountains to increase the value of the community and your property, our solutions are unmatched in the industry. We are a certified and authorized center for the maintenance and repair of Kasco Marine, Aquamaster and Vertex Water Features devices.

This past weekend I installed my new system (with cabinet) a short distance away from the cottage. The new system runs without any residual noise or vibration being heard in the cottage- I’m so happy!!


(translation) My pond is beautiful! The installation of the aeration system went really well. Great team. I am glad!

Canada, Québec

The Bacterius Muck was very easy to apply in the areas where the treatment was needed and we are so pleased with the results we are repeating the treatment with Bacterius Muck again. Great product, great service! Thank you!

K. Smolynec
Bolton Est, Quebec

We installed the system and it looks great. Just wanted to say I was impressed with the cabinet design in particular. The sturdy design, spacing and noise dampening are all excellently done. Thanks for your help and look forward to opportunities to do business again.

Casey Fletcher
Houston, Tx

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