Testimonial: Mixing in tanks with the Ecorator

The Ecorator is a liquid mixer. The powerful suction and air thrust effect offered by the Ecorator doubles the effect of agitating liquids in tanks and basins. An excellent choice as a water circulator.

Here is what our client had to say about the Ecorator:

“At InnuScience, we produce high density biomass cultures of nitrifying bacteria. Maintaining the biomass in complete suspension and dispersion as well as ensuring an efficient transfer of dissolved oxygen into the medium is a major challenge. In the past, we have used aeration systems such as disc diffusers and tubular diffusers and have never been able to achieve the performance we are achieving today with our Ecorator aeration system. We have been using this system for almost 4 years now and we are extremely satisfied with it. It is a reliable system, effective in dispersing biomass and ensuring optimal oxygen transfer. Its acquisition cost, its life span and its energy operating cost are also very advantageous. It is now an integral part of the design specifications of our production units.

I could not fail to mention the Etang.ca consulting team that brilliantly accompanied us in the design and technical analysis of our needs.”

Steve Teasdale

Chief Scientific Officer & Founder of InnuScience

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Ecorator Jr.
Installation of the Ecorator
Ecorator in operation