Boathouses, Docks and Boats: Protection from Ice Damages

Some clients from Lake Rosseau (Muskoka) region in Ontario, Canada, approached us to learn about the Thawline Bubbler Deicer Systems, after safety issues were being raised locally. The large openings in the ice caused deicing the docks and boathouses with impeller de-icers, such as those manufactured by Kasco Marine and Ice Eaters. They were looking for an alternate solution to keep ice from damaging their docks, in a discreet fashion.

They were also interested in the fact that the Thawline Bubbler system can be used year round to improve water quality along the shoreline at the cottage.

The system accomplishes exactly what I was looking for!

For this client, a Thawline Bubbler with over 100′ of Bubble Tubing® was installed below the boathouse. The ice opening was much smaller than with the impeller deicer and in the extreme cold only a few bubbles escape the ice which creates fragile ice that does no damage whatsoever. As temperatures warm, the ice opening will increase again.

Here is a testomonial from this client:

“(…) It was -36°C here last night, -45ºC with the windchill, so there were only a few bubbles breaking through the ice. The nice thing about the system is that, during the extreme cold everything including the inside of the boat, aren’t covered in frost like it used to be using conventional deicers.

“(…) The system accomplishes exactly what I was looking for! A consistent break in the ice of our dock from the main lake ice pack. This is something that we were continually frustrated with, even with using two propeller type deicers. We were always too open in one area while having the dock frozen to the main lake ice pack in another. This deicing system also creates a safer situation around our dock for snowmobilers, ice fishermen and anyone else travelling on the lake during the winter. No large open areas around our dock anymore.

“There has been a lot of talk in our area lately with the local municipalities, bylaw officers, and police and even on news broadcasts regarding dock bubbling and the sometimes unsafe situations that are being created. This system goes a long way to improve the conditions around a dock by providing deicing only where necessary without the large open areas experienced with other types of deicing, while protecting at the same time, the investment that many people have in their docks and boathouses.

“I had told Patrick that I was making myself somewhat of a guinea pig by installing this type of system. Well, I have been telling many of our clients and friends about it and have been getting very positive interest! The cool thing is that I can show them a working system year round! It is also a good excuse to get together for a beer at the dock!

– Randy P., Lake Rosseau, ON.

Discreet de-icing with a Thawline Bubbler.    De-icing with propeller unit.

Thawline deicing on the left figure, propeller deicing on the right figure