Why Not Over-Winter Your Boat In the Water?

“Despite a winter marked by snow and cold, and despite the catastrophic predictions of skeptics, wintering Évasion in the Chambly basin took place without a hitch, so much so that the 41 foot sailboat has even become a tourist attraction in the area!” Translation from source: Hivernage réussi pour Évasion (Wintering success for Évasion)



So why not over-winter your boat in the water? Despite the skepticism of many people, even those met a the Salon du bateau et des sports nautiques, Marc Patenaude, captain of the sailboat Évasion (Escape), decided to leave his sailboat in the water for winter. Inspired by boat owners from the States and Ontario, Marc decided to use an ecological solution from Canadianpond.ca to keep thick ice from forming around his boat. The linear deicer known as Thawline Bubbler Deicer System uses Bubble Tubing® to keep the shoreline, around a boathouse, between skips and other areas where you want to eliminate the dangers of ice compression and expansion, free of ice for the winter. Economical and easy to install, the Thawline Bubbler Deicer System avoids the high cost and inconvenience associated with the fall removal and winter storage of boats. For tips on using Bubble Tubing® for deicing or any other deicing system, please contact our team for expert advice.