Study on deicing with Bubble Tubing® has been deicing for almost two decades and now we have independent studies to prove that deicing with with bubbles works.

During the winter of 2018-2019, conducted a detailed study in collaboration with C-Core Engineering, a world leader in the field of ice engineering. Combined laboratory (Newfoundland) and field (Quebec) studies have proven that the bubbles generated by our linear Bubble Tubing® effectively create a vertical flow of water that rises to the surface of the water and transfers heat to melt the ice.

The resulting effect is :

  1. Maintain an open-water, ice-free area above the diffuser;

    Or, if the ice has already formed:

  2. Melt the existing ice at a rate of about 1 inch per day.


Contact us for more details on how our deicing knowledge can increase your operations in winter, reduce the risk of infrastructure damage, prevent costly removal of boats in winter, or manage the potential risk of damage to the property by ice.