Thawline Bubbler or Kasco De-icer: What to Choose?

This question comes up every fall from our customers. Here’s an article that explains the benefits of each from a customer’s perspective:

” Fall is upon us, but we have delayed discussing and planning how to protect the new dock at the cottage from the ravages of winter ice. I know we have choices of an impeller type system de-icer from Kasco, that can be suspended from the dock, or a linear deicing bubbler such as the Thawline Bubbler system. To be sure, I contacted, a for advice on aeration, bacteria and now for deicing.Technical drawing of a Kasco de-icer

If I go with a Kasco de-icer, we could suspend it from the end of the dock because it is fairly deep there, and it will keep a nice sized hole in the ice all around the structures we want protected. I like this option because installation will be easy, cost to run the unit is low, plus my neighbor has one and likes it.

But I have another choice with the Thawline bubbler deicer that uses Bubble Tubing®. I really like this option because we can leave it in all year and it will help keep the muck down where we swim. The problem is the slope; it is very steep at our shoreline. I would rather install this when the water is warmer, that way I can make sure the tubing all goes in at the same depth. The Thawline Bubbler is also easy to install, it is affordable to purchase and operate.Technical drawing of a Thawline de-icer

Whichever I chose, I know has the expertise, the stock and the service to help me make the best choice possible! ”


You have made your choice and your system is working wonderfully? Send us pictures!


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