Protect Your Dock and Boat From Winter Ice Damage

Protecting your docks and boats from the winter ice damage with a de-icing system!

These pictures show how heaving ice can warp and literally destroy a dock. A dock or boat that is encased in ice can suffer expensive damage as the force of ice and the gradual movements of the ice sheet can actually split a dock into pieces. Collars of ice can form on pilings and dock footings causing catastrophic structural failure.  Icebound boats can experience extreme mechanical damage if they become locked in ice.

Potential damage to marine infrastructure caused by ice

As it is often not practical to remove large docks or boats from the water, a de-icer is your best insurance against serious ice damage. De-icers come in two basic categories: submersible impeller motor types such as our Kasco De-Icers and the linear air diffusion or “dock bubbler” type.

We invite you to visit our Deicing page and our YouTube channel to see our deicing bubbler systems in action:

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