Lake Associations & Natural Habitats Preservation

Lake owners’ associations and corporations are committed to lake and watershed protection, and are looking for ways to rehabilitate the water bodies for which they are responsible. Their concerns include:

  • Protection of riparian areas;
  • Protection of wetland and biodiversity;
  • Preserving water quality;
  • Safeguarding the aesthetic character of the lake for nautical activities and value of the properties.


Here are typical projects that meet these concerns:

  • Purchase and installation of fountains to beautify public spaces while contributing to improving water quality;
  • According to local regulations, addition of aeration and bioaugmentation to control odours, algae blooms and reduce pathogens;
  • Cutting invasive aquatic plants or installing a benthic barrier;


These projects often require approval from local authorities and regional governments. They are the result of the hard work of local groups of volunteers representing the interests of the lake association. Grants and fundraising pay for these products for improving water quality. We work closely with Lake Associations to achieve their goals and preserve natural habitats.

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