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Bubble tubing used to aerate a channel

All over the United States and Europe there are many narrow and shallow navigation canals, which very often develop poor quality water due to the high concentration of nutrients and the high water temperature. The diffuser discs of popular aeration systems unfortunately need a depth of more than 4 feet to be effective, and even then their action is localized to only a few feet around. Moreover, these channels, in addition to being shallow, require oxygenation over a great length. It is then necessary to consider a linear diffuser with fine bubbles such as the Bubble Tubing®, which will allow you an action over a great distance.

Bubble tubing used to aerate a channel

The Bubble Tubing® has several competitive advantages in shallow water. It provides good oxygenation over lengths of up to 150 feet per line, and requires as little as 2 feet of water to bring significant circulation in the water column.

In fact, we have built an excellent relationship with the American company Diversified Pond Supplies, located in Ohio. They have been distributing our Bubble Tubing® on the American market for more than 10 years now.

We invite you to watch the following videos about Diversified Pond Supplies:

  1. Diversified Pond Supplies owner, Joe Lochtefeld, gave Lake Improvement Association members a 30-minutes presentation on linear channel aeration at the May 2014 LIA Member Meeting.
  2. Bubble Tubing® is helping USA residents clean up lake.
  3. Joe Lochtefeld from Diversified Pond Supplies talks about Bubble Tubing® and explains how it can help in narrow, shallow canals, where other diffusers cannot perform.

So, if you have problems with algae, sediment or stagnant water in your long and narrow water bodies, first think about the Bubble Tubing®! It is part of all of our standard aeration systems, but it is also possible to contact us for a tailor-made quote.

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