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Bubble Tubing TM

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Bubble Tubing fine bubble diffuser

Bubble Tubing TM

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Bubble tubing for linear deicing projects

Bubble Tubing TM

For linear deicing projects

Waste water aeration with Bubble tubing diffuser

Bubble Tubing TM

For waste water aeration

Bubble Tubing TM, Fine Bubble Linear Diffuser

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Bubble Tubing is proprietary linear aeration diffuser tubing designed and made in Canada to the exact specifications prescribed by Canadianpond.ca.  As industry leaders in aeration we found there was demand for high quality, durable, flexible, linear aeration tubing. We were looking for tubing that would give above average oxygen transfer rates and that would be easy to install and maintain (anti-fouling). We couldn’t find what we were looking for so we made it ourselves! And over the past decade we have perfected it, and expanded the product line to better serve the growing range of applications for our air diffuser tubing, worldwide! 

Bubble Tubing Test Results

Since 2011 we have independent test results for the oxygen transfer capabilities of Bubble Tubing performed by GSEE Inc of Laverne, TN. The results are for the ½”, ¾” weighted bubble tubing formats and the ½” non-weighted format tubing that is imbedded in the Octo-Air10 stainless steel diffuser.


 1 1/4", 3/4", 1/2" Weighted Bubble Tubing

Bubble Tubing 1/2″ GSEE test results (PDF)

Bubble Tubing 3/4″ GSEE test results (PDF)

Bubble Tubing independent performance test report imperial (PDF)

Bubble Tubing independent performance test report metric (PDF)

Tech Sheet Bubble Tubing 1/2″ – 3/4″ (PDF)

Tech sheet Bubble Tubing 1.25″ (PDF)


 “Overall, the results obtained for the CanadianPond.ca Products Ltd. aeration systems were uniformly excellent and produced some of the highest SOTE values GSEE Inc. has observed.”BUB-GSEE-STAMP-350

Gerald L.Shell  GSEE Environmental Consultants, LaVergne, TN, Sept.2011 

Bubble Tubing and the Mechanics of Aeration or Deicing

Made of highly resistant yet flexible PVC, this tubing is non-kinking and holds no memory when deployed. Compressed air enters the tubing creating an inner pressure, precision perforations along both sides of the entire length of tubing allow compressed air to release through the perforations, creating efficient micro-bubbles that prevent clogging and fowling (typically found in porous diffusers), along the entire length of the tubing.  The released air from the holes forms a curtain of uniform and evenly dispersed bubbles that optimize oxygen transfer, and lift water which aids in complete circulation throughout the water column.  As Bubble Tubing functions without moving parts or electricity in the water, it increases performance efficiency while significantly reducing electrical and maintenance costs in comparison to other aeration systems. For deicing purposes, the bubbles leaving the Bubble Tubing also bring dense, heavier, warmer water from the depths to the surface, inhibiting ice formation. 

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Features of Bubble Tubing:

  • Bubble Tubing ™ is flexible, it holds no memory and will not kink, is easy to install and is safe for the environment (does not contain lead);
  • Made exclusively in Canada to our exact specifications, impressive 5 year warranty;
  • High oxygen transfer rate, full evaluation of the oxygen transfer capabilities by independent firm (GSEE, Inc.) available;
  • Applications range from farm ponds to the largest industrial projects;
  • Suitable for fresh and salt water applications, from shallow to deep waters;
  • Inner pressure prevents clogging, tubing is very low maintenance, anti-fouling;
  • No moving parts or electricity in the water;
  • Highly resistant PVC (chemicals, salinity, temperature);
  • Weighted and non-weighted formats available;
  • Tubing can be purchased with all the necessary hardware, ready to be installed. 

Applications for Bubble Tubing

Our Bubble Tubing has been used for over a decade in a wide array of applications by various industries, government, and the private sector. Bubble tubing is used, by all levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal),  manufacturing and processing, mining, port authorities, aquaculture, agriculture, parks and recreation, engineering, landscaping and reclamation firms, marine construction, and universities and research facilities, ponds and lakes to name a few. Bubble Tubing is now found on every continent on the planet. 

Waste water treatment

Applications include (but are not limited to the following):

  • Aeration sewage lagoons, wastewater treatment process plants and leachate ponds, earthen ponds, dugouts, lakes, ponds, aquaculture, storm water retention ponds, septic tanks, canals, etc.
  • Deicing docks, power plant water intake, marina slips, shoreline and/or water retention structures, industrial ship Deicing with a Thawline Bubbler and Bubble Tubing docking, ocean freight & maritime transport, pumping operations and nuclear power generating plants.
  • Efficient Bottom-to-Top Water Circulation and Mixing for water treatment, deicing, and other application
  • Pathogen Reduction, the bubbles lift deeper waters to the surface for UV exposure.
  • Underwater Bubble Curtains for Shockwave and Sound attenuation to protect marine life:  A bubble “curtain” barrier dampens or attenuates pressure (shock) waves, sound or sonar in underwater applications.
  • A barrier to control the movement of marine life and floating debris can be created by a Bubble Curtains. Laminar flow created by the Bubble Tubing can control the migration of jellyfish, fish, seagrass, debris, sediments etc.
  • Water Quality improvement, including Clarity, Algae and H2S Hydrogen Sulphide Odour Suppression. Canal Aeration with Bubble Tubing



Bubble Tubing ™ has very high SAE (Standard Aeration Efficiency), SOTR (Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate), SOTE (Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency) performance ratings. The Bubble Tubing™ linear air-diffuser has two opposite rows of fine holes 1.3 cm (1/2″) apart along the entire length of the tubing. 

When air from the compressor fills the tubing, the holes open and release micro-air bubbles into the water body. This special design contributes to less clogging, fowling, or reduced efficiency over time if compared with other fine bubble technology. How it works

No matter the scale of operations the basic same principle applies: A compressor is attached to airline delivery hose that is attached to the bubble tubing that we equip with a check valve. Canadianpond.ca offers all the necessary products from start to finish, in order to fully set-up a reliable and efficient aeration system. We can size the compressor for the application, suggest tubing layout, suggest cost effective design modifications, and offer troubleshooting. Our experience designing aeration and deicing systems with Bubble Tubing is proven and efficient.


What sets Bubble Tubing apart from other linear diffusers?

 Micro bubbles transfer oxygen efficiently. Some of our clients expect that drilling holes in a poly hose will give a similar performance results as our Bubble Tubing. Others think soaker hose purchased in a hardware store is a similar product, not so. Here is what we know about our Bubble Tubing:

  • Precision manufacturing means excellent field performance year after year, backed by our 5 year warranty.
  • Aeration holes maintain their geometry after thousands of hours of performance. Cost savings due to high performance and low maintenance is impressive.
  • Bubble Tubing bubbles are truly micro-bubbles. The smaller the bubble diameter, the higher oxygen transfer rate. Millions of fine micro-bubbles create a larger surface area to transfer oxygen than fewer larger (coarse) bubbles. Our independent test results attest to this.
  • Quality products going into manufacturing creates quality performance in rigorous environments.
  • When it comes to aeration, bigger bubbles do not mean better results, but it can mean higher operational costs.
  • The diffuser is designed specifically to prevent clogging and fouling, meaning maintenance is extremely low compared to other micro-bubble technology when our parameters are followed and respected.Air escapes through holes on both sides of the tubing
  • Easy annual cleaning can be done quickly with BioPurge, a product that we recommend as it will not change the chemical nature of the tubing material. The tubing stays in the water for cleaning while you save time and labour.



  • I.D. sizes available: 15mm ( ½”), 20mm ( ¾”), 30mm ( 1 ¼”)
  • Available in weighted and non-weighted formats for 15mm ( ½”), 20mm ( ¾”) formats
  • 20mm ( ¾”), 30mm ( 1 ¼”) formats come with integral stainless steel cord in ballast for strength and weight
  • Available Lengths:  roll, spool, special run and special cut lengths, contact us for details 
    • 300` spool of 3/4" Bubble Tubing

 CanadianAir Diffusion System PlanWe offer full technical support for all aeration projects involving Bubble Tubing



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