Before our company branched into Industrial and Governmental projects, we started out building private ponds and servicing local clients with ponds here in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. At the time Mario Paris (Current Owner & President of had constructed approximately 190 ponds within our region under the company Les Etangs PPM Inc.  These wonderful pond clients also needed help keeping their ponds in top shape, so Products Ltd was born from necessity to supply products to our existing clients.  We have grown considerably since the early days before the internet (from 1998 – 2003) but every spring and summer when the store fills with our clients or their children, we rejoice in all the reunions and enjoy hearing how their ponds faired over the previous seasons.

For our local and far away residential pond clients here are the services we offer:

Our services for residential pond owner

  • Pond dimension measurement using online tools
  • Pond Water Testing in store only:  pH, nitrite, nitrate, buffering, phosphate, total ammonia, copper (for re-application of algaecide)
  • Consultation: phone, on site, via email
  • Helping clients determine why they are having problems with their ponds
  • Offering solutions
  • Determining dosage/treatment regime for water treatments (algaecide, beneficial bacteria, or other treatments)
  • Giving prices or preparing full quote
  • Troubleshooting
  • After sale assistance i.e. installation, treatment applications, equipment maintenance and repair etc.
  • Shipping in Canada, US, around the globe

Why buy from

  • As we all know there is strong competition online for pond products. Here is what sets us apart from our competitors: At understand ecosystem functioning, how biology works to improve water quality and how our actions can help any water ecosystem, we also stay abreast of new developments in our field. We are a living pond management library!
  • We test all our products and sell only what works well for us
  • We carry stock, we offer maintenance and repair services, we are a well-established business with full-time, committed staff here to give excellent before, during and after sale service
  • We honour all manufacturer warranties; our technicians are trained yearly with our suppliers
  • We are here to help trouble shoot with tough problems, we learn from these challenges and we really care about serving you well.
  • As a client of we keep your pond dimensions, product dosages and issues on file to better serve you.

How to keep your pond in top shape

  • The watershed can feed nutrient rich water into your pond, so do what you can to prevent surface water from entering the pond, or do what you can to slow down water from entering the pond and use plants and planting structures (berms, swales) to help filter water and help it absorb into the surrounding soils.
  • Allow a berm of 1 – 3 metres of plant growth all around the pond for protection from excess nutrient loading (from cut grass, fertilizer runoff, farm runoff, road salt etc.)
  • Limit the use of fertilizers (chemical, natural or organic) within 3 metres of the pondAdd bacteria to help controling water quality
  • Keep water moving as much as possible: playing in it, swimming, boating, using a diffuser for aeration, this mixing is good for water quality
  • Ensure septic systems and weeping fields in the watershed are kept in top shape
  • Fence off the pond from farm animals when possible
  • Install a lake bottom aeration system and use full time until freeze up
  • Apply beneficial bacteria as required from early spring to late fall
  • Create an action plan for your pond and ask us for advice. Remember not all ponds are the same!

Want to know more?

If you want to find out more about our products and their applications, we invite you to visit our “Learn” section where you can read our articles for in more depth facts, tips and tricks. Articles are sorted in one of the following category:

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