Aqua Control Fountains to beautify municipal parks and lakesMunicipal, Provincial and Federal government agencies are contacting us for many different water management issues.  We can recommend the best solutions for their aeration, deicing, water features and water treatments needs.

Here is a sample of what we have done for governmental clients in Canada:

  • Algae control, phosphate reduction, nitrogen control, odour control for municipal ponds and lakes
  • Floating island projects for phosphate reduction in storm water treatment
  • Aeration and algaecide for reducing coliforms and other pathogens in public waters
  • Deicing ponds for water intake in remote arctic research stations
  • Bio-augmentation and odour reduction for outhouses in national parks
  • Search and Rescue: deicing systems at a training facilityFloating weeds removed by surface skimmer at a municipal wastewater lagoon
  • Aeration for composting facility
  • Organic and mineral pollution control in drinking water and municipal water reservoirs
  • Nuisance water fowl management
  • Aquatic weed management in urban parks
  • Beautification of water with fountains, floating islands
  • Shore protection with floating islands
  • Floating docks for municipal quays
  • Highly efficient aeration for various governmental agencies
  • Grease build up and odour control in hospitals, restaurants and other public places.

Why is the choice supplier for many governmental agencies?

Aeration plan to control water quality issues in a municipal lake

  • We currently supply products for over 100 governmental agencies across Canada!
  • Our products are reliable, energy efficient, backed by manufacturer`s warranty, and tested in-house. We sell only what is required.
  • We favour an ecological approach to business: energy efficient compressors, durable fountains, use of biology (oxygen and bio -augmentation) to treat water quality resulting in overall reduction in the use of chemicals.
  • Our services before, during and after the sale are excellent. We do repairs and maintenance in house. We offer full tech support. We suggest cost saving strategies.
  • We carry stock of our most popular products.
  • We ship world-wide and offer installation services when possible.
  • We are a proud Canadian company operating fully in both official languages.

Tips for optimizing project planning with

  • Floating island to fight shore erosionContact us early in the project development stages; we have innovative ideas and a lot of experience planning projects that will save money and time.
  • Support documents, plans, satellite data (google images), sketches, test results, photos, and measurements: whatever you have can help us, help you. We work in both metric and imperial systems.
  • We often correspond with clients using email. If you can answer the questions we ask, we will do the same: this creates an effective and dynamic communication which again is cost saving.
  • When you are certain you will be purchasing from us, discuss early on, the payment options in order to reduce delay times (purchasing orders, pre-ordering of products etc.).
  • All Canadian government agencies have automatically pre-approved net 30 days accounts. Signed purchase orders and clear communication is a must to obtain products in a timely fashion.
  • No project is too small or too big for us! Call us now!

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