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Water Weedsickle, Motorized Aquatic Weed Cutter


The Water Weedsickle will cut 4 foot wide swaths of aquatic weeds making this an ideal tool for managing aquatic weeds at the cottage, in large shallow bay, canals or at the marina. The Water Weedsickle attaches to your boat, saving time, money, energy and your back!

Technical specifications

Water Weesickle, HD modelWith two models available, there is a Water Weedsickle to suit your specific needs and budget. The Model – HD is designed and built with commercial applications in mind along with those of the individual property owner. The Model – HD will make short work of medium to large size areas. New for 2015 is the Water Weedsickle – LT. Powerful, yet light weight and durable, the Model – LT is ideal for the waterfront property owner who wishes to control weed growth in a small to medium size area to allow unrestricted boating and swimming activities.

For weeding large areas or in situations where the shoreline is rocky and hand weed cutting tools that sink to the bottom, would be inappropriate, the Weedsickle is ideal. The Water Weedsickle device mounts onto the side or rear of your boat and adjusts to a cutting depth of up to 1.2 m (4′) and as wide as 1.2m (4′).

Water Weedsickle Model LTIt can be a challenge to access some areas to remove aquatic plants growing on the pond floor or near a shoreline. The Water Weedsickle attaches to your boat and is designed to easily cut submerged aquatic plants, especially in hard to access areas. The Weedsickle can be installed on the bow, stern or on either side of the boat. The power source is a 12 Volt battery that runs a 1/5HP motor (12V Deep Cycle Marine Battery not included). The cutting bar is connected to a stainless steel tube and a connecting plate, in order to ensure a safe and secure attachment. The cutting time on a fully charged battery is between 6 – 8 hours depending on the thickness of the weeds. It is possible to place two units side by side in order to cut a width of 8 feet. This tool works best for finer weeds like water milfoil (Myriophyllum sp) rather than tougher stemmed plants like cattails or bulrushes (Typha latifolia).

Models:Weedsickle HD - Heavy DutyWeedsickle LT
Cutting width:48"48"72"72"30"
Shaft length:60"76"60"76"54"
Max. cutting depth
(from surface):
4' deep (based on boat height)5.3' deep (based on boat height)4' deep (based on boat height)5.3' deep (based on boat height)3.5' deep (based on boat height)
Voltage:12 V12 V24 V24 V90W
Weight:55 lbs21 lbs
Warranty:2-year (Not for rental purposes)1 year (For private use only)
Material:Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Zinc Plated SteelAluminum, Stainless Steel & Zinc/Nickle Plated Steel
Cutting time with fully charged deep call battery:6 to 8 hours4 to 8 hours
Used for:- For big ponds and lakes
- Can cut Cattails and heavy stalks
- For small ponds and shorelines
- Good for Milfoil and grassy type weeds
Features:- Adjustable Direction & angle
- Self Sharpening Cutting Knifes
- Adjustable Direction & angle
- Replacement blades available
- 2 units can be mounted on a boat

We recommend cutting plants 3 times per season; at the end of spring, in the middle of summer and a final cut in the fall. This regime will help you reduce plant growth from one year to another. Collect cut plants using a weed rake and make sure the proper application of beneficial bacteria is used to help break down and consume the stems that remain.Aquatic weed rake, optional with Weedsickle

Optional: Aquatic Weed Plant Rake that Attaches to your Boat (WTWSRAKE)

We are now offering a rake that can attach to the stern of the boat in the same way the Weedsickle is attached. The rake for boats allows you to easily recuperate cut weeds that were previously cut by the motorized Water Weedsickle. The rake is made of plated metal for greater strength that will resist rusting. The rake is 48 inches (121.9 cm) wide and the teeth are 11.5 inches (29.2 cm) long. The adjustable handle measures 54 inches (137.2 cm) long.  Contact us to order.

Advantages of Weedsickle

  • Allows for a pleasing shoreline, welcoming for swimmers
  • Allows you to control the growth of problematic water weeds
  • Reclaim your water-front to enjoy boating and swimming
  • Increases the value of your waterfront property
  • Dramatically reduces weed growth in following years
  • Heavily constructed – ensures years of trouble free operation
  • Environmentally safe
  • Constructed from quality materials, designed for years of use
  • 2-year warranty

Intended for use by individuals, neighbour groups, lake associations, marinas, resorts and commercial operators.
Environmentally friendly – maintains a healthy fish habitat.

A long term investment in your waterfront property.

Markets for Weedsickle

  • Private properties
  • Marinas
  • Lake Associations
  • Resorts
  • Towns and Municipalities

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