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Installation of a Tibean hypolimnetic aerator.
White Tibean floating tanks are highly visible on the lake surface.Above water Tibean degassing head, looking down into the unit.

TIBEAN Hypolimnetic Deep Water Aerators

TIBEAN is a deep water aerator designed to efficiently aerate the hypolimnion in lakes and reservoirs. This European technology aerates without de-stratifying the thermal layers. The TIBEAN Hypolimnetic Aerators treat deep water.

Technical specifications

What sets the TIBEAN Hypolimnetic Aerator apart from other Aerators?

Diagram of a Tibean hypolimnetic aerator floating in a deep lake.TIBEAN is a deep water aerator.  It has a proven track record to efficiently aerate the hypolimnion in lakes and reservoirs without mixing thermally stratified layers. In addition, not only does the TIBEAN treat deep water efficiently, it also assists the mineralisation of organic sediments. Finally, oxygen provided by TIBEAN enriches the hypolimnion layer therefore allowing improvement in water chemistry beneficial to microorganisms, fish and all forms of aquatic life. For temperature sensitive life forms in a lake or drinking reservoir, TIBEAN is an ecologically safe aerator.

In deep, natural lakes temperature stratification occurs as the seasons change. Because of this oxygen is often depleted at the deepest layer and this promotes eutrophication.  As a result, in those temperate lakes, water quality is threatened by excess nutrients. The hypolimnion is habitat to fish and benthic invertebrates.  Since it is also the interface between the sediments and the water, and because of excess nutrient loading in a lake, it is often lacking oxygen. The TIBEAN hypolimnetic aerator provides efficient oxygen at this layer without mixing the entire water column. Deep water hypolimnion aeration is also known as hypolimnetic oxygenation systems (HOS).

What are TIBEAN Deep Water Aerators Designed for?

TIBEAN Deep Water Aerators are a water remediation tool for lake and reservoir managers, municipalities, Ministry of Environment, Mining, First Nations and lake associations. Therefore, it is designed for:

  • Water bodies in need of restoration
  • Situations requiring hypolimnetic aeration
  • Deep water aeration without destratification
  • Prevents sludge formation and prevents ammonium production.  It provides enough oxygen for complete mineralization of decaying biomass.
  • Reducing the cost of drinking water production because it ensures compliance through an oxygen concentration of 4 mg L -1 for the oxidation and precipitation of iron and manganese.
  • Preventing the formation of toxic hydrogen sulphide. Since TIBEAN provides an oxygen-rich milieu it prevents the formation of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Nutrient reduction because it prevents the release of phosphorus in the sediment. As a result, the water quality is improved.
  • Situations where phosphorous is released from sediments and flocculants are normally used.

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TIBEAN Deep Water Aerators are unique in that they aerate at the sediment level without mixing the water column. They have been used with success in the field worldwide for 23 years.

About Polyplan

Polyplan are experts in realizing lake restoration measurements and offer operators and comprehensive aid in the management of surface waters.

For any TIBEAN project, you can count on Polyplan’s limnological and technical expertise as well as benefit from their Lake-Network. Indeed, their collaboration with worldwide partners allows them to access the specific know-how wherever it is needed.