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Thawline Bubble Linear DeicerThawline Bubble Linear DeicerThawline Bubbler: More precise ice openings

Thawline Bubbler Deicers, Linear Deicing Systems

SKU: BBLR has designed a reliable, efficient linear Thawline Bubbler Deicer Systems, to deice around boat houses and docks, for ferry crossings etc. With no moving parts in the water, Thawline does not create conditions of hoarfrost that can be damaging to house boat structures. Discreet ice openings protect against property damage associated with lake ice expansion. We are deicing experts!

Technical specifications

What Makes a Thawline Bubbler Deicer Unique?Thawline Bubbler Deicer allows deicing around structures

Unlike some impeller deicers that create very large holes in the ice, a Thawline Bubbler De-Icer creates a deicing water zone that follows the contours of a structure more closely. Thawline Bubbler Deicer can also prevent the need to remove and install pleasure boats year round, saving time and money. The Thawline Bubbler system can be used in summer to improve water quality around your dock or beach. This deicing bubbler hose is also excellent for ponds to prevent winter fish kill.

Contact us for custom bubbler designs for industrial and commercial deicing projects. Either with our Bubble Tubing or, OctoAir diffusers we will design a system to fit your project. Please contact us for details.

Applications: From Smaller Residential Projects to Industrial Deicing

Thawline Bubbler Industrial Deicing SystemWe have extensive experience using Linear Bubble Tubing diffuser technology to deice: docks, water inlet pipes, power dams, quay’s, boat slips, wharfs, barges, dredges, fish farms, underwater pilings, canals, ferry crossing, diving holes, marina shorelines, headwall, pumping intake, house boats and boat houses. Many clients using this system have switched from other ice-away technologies to Thawline because of the flexibility of use, the precision of deicing, the low operational cost and the ease of installation.

Thawline Bubbler Deicer configuration examples around docksClients particularly from Muskoka, the Kawarthas, along the Rideau or Trent Severn Waterways in Ontario and Lake Simcoe, are under pressure to switch from impeller dock de-icers to a Thawline dock bubbler that offers more precise deicing.

Thawline Bubbler Deicer Systems use flexible, linear, self-sinking or non-weighted airline hose known as Bubble Tubing to create a wall of bubbles that rises from the basin floor, up through the water column. As the bubbles rise they bring with them the warmer, dense (4C) water from below up to the surface where cooler, lighter water and ice are forming. The warm water in concert with the bubble action (that breaks surface tension) keeps an ice free zone whose size varies based on ambient air temperature. As the water moves away from the energy source (diffuser) it then sinks back to the bottom creating a deicing loop.

 Advantages of Deicing with Thawline Bubbler Deicer Systems

Boathouses and submerged structures need protection from winter ice damage

  • Thawlines are precise , allows de-icing control of a specific area
  • Allows in most cases electricity economy compared to impeller deicer systems
  • Better control of the effects of over-bubbling
  • Can be used year round, for deicing and/or for aeration to increase water quality, so your investment goes a long way, protecting and improving your shoreline property.
  • Can be laid along a headwall or shoreline, or around various structures or supports.
  • No electricity or moving parts in the water.Linear bubbler for ferry crossing. Credit: Steve Manders
  • Option of multiple runs of tubing to deice specific areas.
  • Installation is easy; depending on circumstances you can leave it in year round or remove it seasonally.
  • Since bubble tubing if very flexible, it can be laid in any configuration and can be used to protect odd shaped structures from ice damage.
  • Works well in both shallow and deep water; salt or fresh water.
  • Bubble Tubing can be laid on the lake floor at the same depth along the length of the tubing or installed alongside a structure or boat hull.
  • Field tested in the Canadian winters for over a decade.
  • Less humidity ice formation of boats, boathouses versus impeller deicing in very cold temperatures.

PLEASE NOTE: When ambient air temperatures rise, Thawline Bubblers will make larger openings as ice conditions deteriorate.

Types of Thawline Bubbler Deicers

Thawline Deicer System still opening this lake ice in Feb. 2015, record low temp.We offer 4 plug and play Thawline Bubbler Deicers Packages as well as commercial and industrial deicing projects custom options with various tubing lengths or multiple air-line designs. Please contact us for details.

Thawline 50 Bubbler Deicer – Weighted (BBLR-50): ½ HP Double Piston Compressor, 50 feet each of ½ inch Bubble Tubing and Torpedo Tubing. Available in 115 or 230V; for 115V draws 3.0 – 4.0 Amps (0 – 20 psi).

Thawline 50 Bubbler Deicer – Non Weighted (BBLR-50NW): ½ HP Double Piston Compressor, 50 feet each of ½ inch Non-weighted Bubble Tubing (suitable for attaching to an existing structure) and Torpedo Tubing. Available in 115 or 230V; for 115V draws 3.0 – 4.0 Amps (0 – 20 psi).

Thawline 100 Bubbler Deicer – Weighted (BBLR-100): Thawline 100 comes with a ¾ HP Double Piston Compressor, 100 feet of ½ inch Bubble Tubing and 50 feet of 1/2 inch I.D. Torpedo Tubing . Available in 115 or 230V; for 115V draws 5.4 – 6.9 Amps (0 – 20 psi).Bubble Tubing deicing line on Waterloo lake in over -20 temperatures

Thawline 100 Bubbler Deicer – Non Weighted (BBLR-100NW): NW option comes with Non-Weighted Bubble Tubing suitable for attaching to an existing structure.¾ HP Double Piston Compressor, 100 feet of ½ inch Bubble Tubing Non Weighted, and 50 feet of 1/2 inch I.D. Torpedo Tubing . Available in 115 or 230V; for 115V draws 5.4 – 6.9 Amps (0 – 20 psi)

Need solid advice? Simply contact us here with your plan/ideas and we will help get you the best system possible.


Included in the Thawline Bubbler Systems (½ HP (Thawline- 50 feet ) or ¾ HP (Thawline-100 feet) are the following:

  • Double Piston compressor, 2 year limited warranty, low maintenance on compressor and tubing. Filter change and diffuser clean every 2 years (approx., depends on conditions). Compressor must be housed in a shed protected against the elements. Cabinet options also available.
  • Universal Base Mount to attach compressor to wall/shelf
  • 50 feet or 100 feet of ½ inch Bubble Tubing (weighted or non-weighted).
  • Isolated steel cabinet used with a thawline bubbler system50 feet of self-sinking ½ inch Torpedo Tubing (air-line delivery hose).
  • All the necessary hardware, instructions, tech support from our team.

About the compressors:

  • ½ HP or ¾ HP compressors.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Extremely reliable technology, continuous 24/24 or intermittent operational compressor, UL, CSA & CE approved, thermal protection overload, ramped internal valve plate allows for restart under load after power failures.
  • 6 foot power cord
  • Low level of noise, 65 dB equivalent to normal conversation at 3 feet away
  • Can be used with heavy duty outdoor timers/thermostat such as the C-20.
  • Regular maintenance include annual filter change
  • 2 year warranty

Tech sheet piston compressors (PDF)

Bubble Tubing for deicing bubblers. Credit: DGA TECH. NAVALES, PHILIPPE BOYCEAbout the Bubble Tubing:

  • Flexible, comes in weighted or non-weighted formats, no lead keel
  • 5 year warranty
  • Produces even and continuous bubble pattern along entire length of keel when laid at same depth.
  • Requires very little energy to operate, very efficient, extremely reliable.
  • Lays in whatever configuration you require, very easy to install and maintain (Clean as necessary with Bio-Purge).

See our Bubble Tubing pages for more information on this great product.

Additional Information

Deicing can be a complicated matter involving many environmental factors such as predominant winds, tides, shoreline configuration, water depth changes, temperature fluctuations, and ice depth.

To consider also is the property to be protected, the shoreline from erosion, the structures from the lifting or crushing force of ice, or protection of boats from repeated wear of freezing and thawing.

Finally it is not only the ice that does damage, it can be its formation, its shifting, lifting, crushing, thawing, or cycle of freeze-thaw, and then flooding from thawing (in river situations).

Matching the deicing technology to the application is critical, our expertise can help.

Contact us with the following information: photos or plans of areas to be deiced, location and voltage of power available at site, geographical considerations.

PSI: We recommend Thawline Bubbler bubble tubing be laid at the same depth along the length of the tubing for maximum deicing performance and for reduced wear and tear on the compressor.

Safety concerns

Danger thin ice sign for securityDue to the dangerous nature of open water and thin ice caused by any deicer system, it is imperative to take proper precautions (fencing, signage, warning lighting, etc.) to warn of the dangers of thin ice.

Verify with local authorities if deicing is in compliance with local regulations and if a permit is required before installation.

PLEASE NOTE: When ambient air temperatures rise, Thawline Bubblers will make large openings in ice as ice conditions deteriorate.