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Torpedo™ Airline Feeder Hose
Non reinforced Torpedo Airline (TOR)

Torpedo™: Reinforced Weighted Hose, Industrial Grade


Torpedo™ Reinforced Weighted Hose is an excellent flexible PVC formulation designed for easy processing and excellent heat stability.  Made in Canada.

Technical specifications

Application for Torpedo™ Reinforced Weighted Hose

As seen on the picture above, our industrial grade weighted air line hose is reinforced with a braided polyester rope to better prevent blow-out or expansion due to overheating and/or excess back pressure. The braided polyester layer will also help prevent perforations from rodents or sharp objects.  It is capable of higher working pressure of 80 psi compared to regular self-sinking hose.

Use this submersible airline tubing to connect any diffuser to your compressor. Torpedo™ airline tubing rests on the basin floor eliminating the need to use weights such as bricks, rocks or pieces of metal to sink it, even when it is filled with air. The tubing is made of a composite of high density PVC that allows it to be flexible and therefore easily manipulated, while sinking quickly to the bottom of the basin. From the compressor, connect this tubing to the Bubble Tubing® or bottom mounted air diffusers for an efficient installation of your aeration system. The Torpedo™ airline tubing stays flexible even in very cold water, making installation easy even under the coldest conditions.

Torpedo™: Reinforced Weighted Hose, Industrial Grade

  • Eliminates the need for weights or external anchors
  • Rests on the bottom, away from swimmers and boats
  • Black color makes it invisible from the surface, maintains a natural look
  • Kink-free
  • More supple than most self-sinking lines so it is easier to unroll and work with
  • Constructed of a high-density flexible PVC composite for easy handling and installation
  • Thick internal walls prevent easy perforation by debris or rocks
  • UV resistantTorpedo™ Tubing layout with Bubble tubing
  • Stays flexible in cold water 
  • Rodent resistant (beavers, muskrats)
  • Working pressure 80 PSI @ 20°C (68°F)


Torpedo™ Reinforced Weighted Hose is offered in sizes of:

  • TORI12 –  0.550” ID x 0.910” OD. Lengths:  50,100,150, 500 ft reel or custom cut (15m, 30m, 45m or 152m)
  • TORI34 –  0.800” ID x 1.300” OD. Lengths: 300 ft reel or custom cut (91m)
  • TORI1.0 –  1.06” ID x 1.6” OD. Lengths:  300 ft reel (91m)

We can help you decide which size is best suited to your application taking into consideration the distance to the compressor, to the power available, to the diffuser and to the compressor. Torpedo™ Tubing joins easily to Bubble Tubing® or poly hose.

We sell all the necessary hardware to put any aeration system together. Contact us for assistance.