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OctoAir™-10 industrial diffuser for aeration
OCTO AIR Industrial diffuser for aerationAeration with OctoAir-10 diffuserOctoAir-60 in front of OctoAir-10

OctoAir™, Industrial Diffuser for Aeration

OctoAir™ is an industrial grade diffuser that resists corrosion, is easy to maneuver and is very efficient. Two models are available: the OctoAir™-10 (10 CFM) and the OctoAir™-60 (60 CFM).

Technical specifications

OctoAir-10™ diffusers for leachate treatment by ProbulThe OctoAir™ is an industrial grade air diffuser made in Canada for aeration, oxygenation and for de-icing. It resists corrosion, temperature variations, water salinity and a wide range of chemical products, making it an ideal product for industries and municipalities. The OctoAir™ consists of stainless steel support that houses an integrated mounting system for the Bubble Tubing® diffuser. It is available in two formats, the OctoAir-10™ ( 10 cfm of air) and OctoAir-60™ (60 cfm of air).  Field crews find them easy to deploy, maintain, and they like the practical design.

Note: OctoAir™ is equally efficient for deicing applications. Please consult our Deicing with OctoAir™ page for more information.

Aeration with OctoAir™-10 diffuser

Designed by and fabricated in Canada, the unique OctoAir™ design meets our strict specifications for an industrial grade air diffuser:

  • Robust construction that resists weathering, transportation, handling, chemicals, temperature gradients, foul water, salinity etc.
  • Highest quality of component parts available on the market: the diffuser is our Bubble Tubing®, made to our exact specifications.
  • No moving parts in the water reduce maintenance and wear over time.
  • Intelligent design eases installation, reduces maintenance and saves money in operational costs.
  • Equally effective as an aerator and deicer.

OctoAir™ industrial grade diffuser - Fine Bubble Technology

A Word About Fine Bubble Diffusers Technology

The fine bubbles (also called micro bubbles) from the OctoAir™ diffuser are critical for achieving exacting results whether oxygenating a wastewater treatment plant, using aeration to biologically remove excess nutrients such as Phosphorous (P), to control gas such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) or even to use aeration for liquid mixing. Not only do bubbles transfer oxygen, they move and mix, clarify, de-stratify and essentially decontaminate water by oxidation. The size of the bubble matters greatly for the application as we have noticed in our work. Bubble Tubing® creates bubbles from 500-3000 microns depending on air pressure.

Specifications – Compare Our Two OctoAir™  Models

Reduction of pathogens
Reduction of pathogens
DiffuserSupport in 316 Stainless Steel
4 adjustable legs*
100 ft (30 m) 1/2" Bubble Tubing®, non weighted
Check valve
Torpedo™ Tubing Airline Feeder Hose
Support in 316 Stainless Steel
4 adjustable legs*
300 ft (90 m) 3/4" Bubble Tubing®, non weighted
Check valve
Torpedo™ Tubing Airline Feeder Hose
DeliveryAssembledUnassembled (assembly required)
OptionsMarker Buoy
Anodes for salt and/or brackish waters
Marker Buoy
Anodes for salt and/or brackish waters
DIMENSIONSDiameter48'' (122 cm)96'' (244 cm)
Weight65 lb (29,4 kg)**315 lb (143 kg)
AssemblyLegs onlyRequired
PRESSIONMaximum50 PSI (3,4 BAR)70 PSI (4,8 BAR)
Minimum20 PSI (1,4 BAR)20 PSI (1,4 BAR)

OctoAir™-10 and OctoAir™-60 industrial diffusers(*) The raised adjustable legs keep the Bubble Tubing® off the basin floor. Custom made legs, available upon request.
(**) Several OctoAir™-10 can be stacked one on the other to facilitate transportation on pallets.

OctoAir™-10™  and OctoAir™-60 Performance Results and Tech Sheet

With a required air flow of 10 CFM, the OctoAir™-10 has SOTE, SOTR and SAE beyond expectations. See the test performance results from Gerry Shell on our Bubble Tubing® page.

Evaluation of the Oxygen Transfer Capabilities of OctoAir™-10 by GSEE Environmental Consultants:

GSEE oxygen transfer test results for OctoAir-10 diffuser

Report’s conclusion:

Overall, the results obtained for the Products Ltd. aeration systems were uniformly excellent and produced some of the highest SOTE values GSEE Inc. has observed.”
Gerald L.Shell, PE GSEE Environmental Consultants, LaVergne, TN, Sept.2011


The OctoAir™-60 was designed and developed specifically for large scale aeration and industrial de-icing projects. With an air flow rate of up to 75 CFM, 300 feet of ¾” Bubble Tubing® contained in the structure of the OctoAir™-60 allows for greater oxygen transfer performance. Also, the design of the diffuser allows feeding air into the ¾” Bubble Tubing® from both ends. Applications that require a diffuser of industrial strength, corrosion resistance, easy manoeuvrability, and high efficiency will be well served with the OctoAir™-60.

Operation and Cleaning

OctoAir™-10 industrial grade diffuser for lake aeration

Compressed air is pushed through airline feeder hose to the OctoAir™ diffuser. Micro bubbles are simultaneously released through the micro holes along the entire length of Bubble Tubing®. The constant release of fine bubbles allows a high oxygen transfer rate in water while creating a significant water upward movement towards the surface, mixing and circulating liquid as leachate, wastewater or water drinking. There are no moving parts in the water, which is very efficient and cost effective.

Cleaning your diffuser with Bio-Purge (PDF): OctoAir™ requires Bio-Purge to clean the diffuser once per year depending on water conditions. The diffuser remains in the water for cleaning, as the Bio-Purge is poured in the airline hose from the compressor. Maintenance has never been easier!

Start-up procedure Bubble Tubing OctoAir (PDF)

OCTO AIR Industrial diffuser for waste water aeration

Aeration Applications for OctoAir™ Diffuser

  • Liquid Mixing
  • Water Lifting
  • Water Circulation
  • Degassing
  • Pathogen Reduction
  • Aesthetic

Aeration Markets for OctoAir™ Diffuser

Aeration with OctoAir-10 diffuser

  • Wastewater
  • Produced water treatment (gas and oil sector)
  • Drinking Water
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Mineral exploitation
  • Energy industry
  • Lake Associations
  • Fish Farming, and any application requiring Aeration or Deicing

OctoAir™ Video Playlist on YouTube


Contact us for assistance with layout design, compressor sizing or any other detail to see your project to fruition. Our expertise in the field of aeration and deicing can save money and time.