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CanadianAir Mini Aeration System with Bubble Tubing
Bubble Tubing DiffuserOne of our air diffusers: Bubble Tubing

3 – Mini Air 4 Aerator for Basins and Septic Tanks


The Mini Air 4 aeration system is a small aerator for basins and small to medium sized ponds (1000 m2 or 10,000 ft2, 2.4 m or 8 ft deep). This aerator is also very efficient as an aeration system for septic systems.

Technical specifications

Mini Air 4 aerator for basins and ponds

The Mini Air 4 aerator for basins is efficient and economical.  This aeration system is easy to install and will ensure your pond has all the benefits of aeration: increased water quality, a faster breakdown of decaying organic matter by natural microorganisms, reduction of odours, healthy pond life,  etc.

Mini Air 4 aerator for septic installations

Many of our clients use the Mini Air 4 aerator for their septic systems and weeping fields in order to unclog and reduce the accumulation of organic matter and to reduce odours. Adding aeration to a septic system or weeping field will keep it in excellent running order without the necessity of major interventions such as re-digging. Clients who use aeration in their septic systems also use Bacterius™ No.2 natural beneficial bacteria specialized in reducing accumulated organic matter in septic tanks. Bacterius No.2 can also be used to de-block tubing and drains in septic installations.

You can read the article Restoring a septic system without digging written by one of our clients who used the Mini Air 4 aerator in his home septic system. Within two weeks the level of organic material in his septic tank was reduced by 41 cm (16”) after installing the Mini Air 4 aeration system.

Mini Air 4 aerator component parts

Technical Information: The Mini Air 4 aeration system includes a diaphragm compressor (1/4 HP-115V, 3 Amps), 50 feet* of 1/2self-sinking airline hose known as Torpedo Tubing™ and your choice of a diffuser:

  • a Bantam air diffusion base 27 pouces
  • or 6.1 m (20 feet) of ½” self-sinking Bubble Tubing®

(*) shorter or longer lengths of torpedo tubing also available.

The 1/4 HP air pump is relatively quiet, low on energy consumption (3 amps) and gives a maximum of 30 psi.  We recommend installing the compressor away from the elements in a well-ventilated cabinet, shed or garage. As this is a compressor, please note it will make a low humming sound that is reduced once the entire system is installed. If you are uncertain about the noise level, set it up (but do not immerse the diffuser in water) to see how the noise level is reduced once the hose is attached. The unit can also be run on a timer.

The weight of the diffuser is sufficient to sink and rest on the basin floor without the need of ballast. Compressed air travels from the compressor down the airline hose where it is released through the air stones, as tiny bubbles that enter the water column. Oxygen is added in this way to the water as well as much needed circulation resulting in improved water quality of the pond or tank.

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