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Kasco Marine Impeller De-Icers


As it is impractical to remove large docks or boats from the water, Kasco de-icers can help prevent serious ice property damage due to jacking/lifting, and ice expansion. It can also help prevent winter fish-kill conditions in ponds and lakes.
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Technical specifications

Kasco deicers for sailboats and slipsKasco docks de-icers are available in ½, ¾ and 1 HP units. These de-icers differ from our Thawline Bubblers in that they create larger openings in the ice.

Kasco De-Icers: Impeller Technology for De-Icing

Kasco dock bubblers are submerged thrust deicers that use an impeller system to create a lateral or horizontal movement of water.  This water agitation inhibits ice formation near structures or shoreline that require protection from the potential damage of ice or simply to keep an area free of ice for industrial or commercial applications.


This pond de-icer performs by drawing the warmer, denser water from the lake/basin bottom and circulates it upwards towards the surface causing turbulence that reduces or eliminates ice formation. Kasco De-icers create a large hole in the ice. When you buy from us at, you are buying from an authorized Kasco Marine dealer and repair centre in Canada, with thousands of clients in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, etc. for well over a decade. This picture shows how heaving ice can warp and literally destroy a dock. A dock or boat that is encased in ice can suffer expensive damage as the force of ice and the gradual movements of the ice sheet can actually split a dock into pieces. Collars of ice can form on pilings and dock footings causing catastrophic structural failure and ice-bound boats can experience extreme mechanical damage if they become locked in ice.


Historical wooden ship protected from ice damages by Kasco de-icers

De-icers will protect docks, boat houses and underwater structures from the damage caused by ice shifting, ice jacking, constant freezing and thawing. Eliminate the need/expense to remove/install your boat annually by installing a de-icer. De-icers are also used by pond owners to reduce winter fish kill. In summer, they create currents of flowing water around boats and moorings at the marina to keep floating debris from accumulating in stagnant areas. To de-ice a shallow area, direct the flow of warmer, deeper water into a shallower area using the optional dock or float mount accessories.


Sizing the Kasco de-icer is easy to do, just refer to the Ice opening chart (above) to get the best model and mount for your particular application. If this product does not answer your needs, consider a Thawline Bubbler System for de-icing. All Kasco de-icers are available in both 120Volt or 240 Volt. For European applications 50Htz is also available, call for pricing and assistance.

# modèle
Model #
1/2 HP12025'26 lbs5.025 lbsD24120-025
1/2 HP12050'26 lbs5.025 lbsD24120-050
1/2 HP120100'26 lbs5.025 lbsD24120-100
3/4 HP12025'34 lbs6.735 lbsD34120-025
3/4 HP12050'34 lbs6.735 lbsD34120-050
3/4 HP120100'34 lbs6.735 lbsD34120-100
1 HP12025'52 lbs11.240 lbsD44120-025
1 HP12050'52 lbs11.240 lbsD44120-050
1 HP120100'52 lbs11.240 lbsD44120-100

Mounting Options

Kasco Marine De-icer mounting options

Each Kasco de-icer includes two 6 m (20′) mooring ropes for suspension below a dock or boat. Suspend the de-icer vertically from the surrounding dock in 1 – 1.5 m (3-5′) depth of water. A vertical positioning produces a circular opening. If the de-icer is attached to your boat, it will rise and fall with water level changes. The dock mount option allows you to angle the de-icer in strategic positions as well as adjust the depth of installation. The angle on the float mount option can be adjusted also. Kasco de-icers are suitable for fresh and salt water applications. View video to see the unit in operation.

Buy your horizontal float or dock mount unit HERE

Horizontal float mount – Horizontal position – Produces long elongated pattern when no dock is available


A robust horizontal flotation kit that is optional for all de-icer models. The easy-to-assemble kit consists of stainless steel components and a float.  The float mount is used where there is no dock or structure available to attach the deicer.  The deicer mounts to the float and its angle can be adjusted in several positions. Ideal for:

  • shallow water, or
  • fluctuating water levels such as tidal waters, or
  • The Great lakes or large lakes where wave action is significant.

Universal dock mount – Angled position – Produces long elongated pattern

Dock mount accessories for de-icers and circulators

This heavy-duty universal dock mount or piling mount is made from thermal plastic composites, corrosion protected steel, and stainless steel to withstand the toughest marine conditions. The de-icer is mounted to the “underwater parts” of the Universal Dock Mount and the “above water” parts are mounted to the dock or piling.

The Universal Dock Mount mounting option is the best way to set the angle of the unit precisely as per your needs either vertical or several different angled positions. It is often easier to deice a boat by installing the deicer at or near the bow, angled toward the stern. If the water flow is directed toward the shore or a retaining wall, it flairs, forming a desirable “T” shape de-icing pattern. The deicer may also be adjusted to a maximum depth of 3 m (10′) from the above water mounting brackets and it may be moved 360 degrees. This allows for a variety of operating positions and is able to fit and adapt to many different situations and conditions.

You need to supply a 3 m (10′) long, 2.5 cm (1″) diameter steel post to use the mount. In tidal waters, set the deicer in shallow water at low tide so it will be in the deep water at high tide. Or, tie your de-icer to the boat and allow the boat and de-icer to rise and fall with the tide.

Industrial Dock Mount Bracket

Kasco’s heavy-duty dock mount is similar to the Universal Dock mount but it is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel mounting hardware requiring a stainless steel pipe ( 1.5″ I.D. maximum 10 feet long, threaded both ends, not included). This allows it to withstand the demanding environments of industrial or harsh applications. Utilizing its unique design, you can easily change the de-icer’s angle, depth and position.

Unit Control Options

Controlling your Kasco Marine deicer with a thermostat or timer control unit is a great way to save money and have a unit working only when necessary.

  • C10 Thermostat control will allow you to set a specific temperature for your unit to start and stop
  • C20 Thermostat and Timer control combine the time schedule you want your unit to run and temperature where you want your unit to be in function

Technical Specifications

  • Suspension ropes – Hollow braided polypropylene. 20′ x 5/16″, 2 lengths attached.
  • Stainless steel safety cage – For propeller protection. Vinyl coated for easy handling.
  • Performance propellers – Specially pitched for maximum thrust and minimum power usage.
  • Power cable – 25-foot water and oil resistant power cable with cold weather flexibility to -45ºC (-50ºF). Exterior watertight connection for easy on-the-spot replacement. Optional lengths are available.
  • Zinc anode – Renewable anode for corrosion protection due to electrolysis. (To be verified each year and to be replaced if needed to keep the warranty valid.)Thin ice danger sign for de-icers
  • Seals – Dual-seal system. Hard face internal mechanical oil seal and outside lip seal for double protection against leak
  • Shaft – #316 series stainless steel, approved for salt water use.
  • Bearings – Ball type, top and bottom. Flood oil lubricated for excellent heat dissipation.
  • Oil – Large capacity dielectric oil provides maintenance-free lifetime lubrication, maximum cooling and protection against failure due to moisture contamination.
  • Motor – Custom designed, continuous duty 120V single phase, oil immersed and overloaded protected with fully automatic reset.
  • Capacitor – Permanent split capacitor ensures high torque starts and smooth operation.
  • Motor housing – Corrosion-resistant stainless steel, a must for salt water operation.
  • 2 years warranty