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Kasco Circulator with Horizontal Float
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Kasco Marine Circulators / Mixers


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Circulators / Mixers are easy to install propeller motors that can be the solution to many water management needs or problems. To reduce thermal stratification, for mixing wastewater or drinking water, see the different models available.
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Technical specifications

Kasco Marine Non-NSF Circulators / Mixers

Kasco Marine CirculatorCirculators are aerators laid horizontally so that they circulate; creating a much-desired surface movement of water. This can be used to block floating debris from entering an area or moving other floating debris from one area to another.

Circulators come with the horizontal float to provide reliable horizontal circulation.

Circulators / Mixers can help solve many common water problems throughout the year

  • improve the health and vitality of your water
  • mix
  • agitate
  • eliminate stagnant water areas where unwanted aquatic plants grow and mosquitoes breed.
  • help reduce thermal stratification in deeper bodies of water preventing or limiting the negative effects of pond turnover
  • can be used to keep areas of water open to help prevent winterkill of fish populations and protect permanent structures from ice damage. Visit our deicing page and our Kasco Marine De-Icers page for more details.
  • industrial and municipal applications including tank mixing, water towers, waste water facilities, and more.

All these units are designed and built to perform reliably in any installation including salt-water and other corrosive environments.

Technical information

Optional Control Boxes for Circulators

C-25 Control box: The C-25 is an option for the 2400CF, 3400CF and 4400CF Circulators. The model C-25 Unit Control is a customer installable rainproof control box used for Kasco’s 120V pond aerator products. The C-25 features a 24-hour timer and GFCI protection. No hard wiring is necessary to make your power connection.

C-85 Control box: The C-85 is an option for the 3400HCF, 4400HCF and 8400HCF Circulators. The model C-85 120V/240V Unit Control features GFCB protection, a 24-hour timer, a lightning arrestor, and a light-ready low-voltage transformer in a rain-proof enclosure. This control box requires hard-wire connection to four leads (two hots, a neutral, and a ground) and must be installed by a qualified electrician.