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BIO PURGE for biofilm
BioPurge biofilm treatment (label)OcotAir™-10 diffuser for aeration of residual water from an abbatoir.Bubble Tubing diffuser

Bio-Purge, biofilm control


If you are noticing that your diffusers are releasing fewer and fewer bubbles then likely a biofilm is forming a coating that is restricting airflow by blocking the perforations.

Bio-Purge is our leading cleaning/maintenance product for underwater air diffusion systems including aeration discs and Bubble Tubing™. As with any aeration product, over time, air diffusers and bubble tubing benefit from a maintenance treatment to remove calcium deposits, or organic biofilm that may coat the surfaces and inhibit airflow.

Bio-Purge cleans your diffuser discs, air stones or Bubble Tubing™

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Technical specifications

Bio-Purge is a maintenance products designed to clean aeration lines and diffusers.  Biofilm develops slowly covering the small holes designed to release micro-bubbles of air. Factors such as temperature, water quality, water hardness, pH and air pressure all effect if or when a biofilm may form, which explains why there are instances when no biofilm develops, or biofilm develops rapidly.

Cleaning your diffuser with Biopurge (PDF)

This membrane diffuser needs cleaning of its biofilm with Bio-PurgeTo counter this problem use Bio-Purge which is an environmentally friendly product to eliminate the bio-film or calcium deposits that may be hindering the efficiency of your aeration system. Similar in characteristics and effectiveness as such well known products as “CLR” yet designed for use in potable water. It is certified ANSI/NSF, and is a product currently used in municipal water treatment reservoirs, and is also recommended by Health Canada and the Ministry of Environment (MDDEP). Approved for use both in the US (CFR) and Canada. Bio-Purge is safe for use in all aquatic environments.

Bio-Purge replaces muriatic acid as an effective cleaner and declogger of airstones. Cleaning diffusers or cleaning airstones with diluted muriatic acid solutions is a thing of the past.

Beyond cleaning diffusers and tubing, Bio-Purge is an excellent dispersant/bio-penetrant specifically formulated to control iron, scale, bio fouling, and other filter related problems in potable or industrial water systems. Bio-Purge is a non-phosphate-based product that may be used in water systems to clear away oxidized metal build up, scale deposits, and when used in conjunction with a biocide, bacterial species from filter media.