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Bacterius™ N - Bactéries nitrifiantes

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Green or cloudy water in your pond or lake? Try our Bacterius™ N water treatment! The nitrifying bacteria in Bacterius™ N can quickly oxidize ammonia and nitrites into a non-toxic nitrogen compound, clearing your water at the same time.

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Technical specifications

Try our pond and lake natural nitrifying bacteria, Bacterius™ N, as a water treatment to help regulate nitrogen in your aquatic system and improve overall water quality and pond health.  Ammonia tends to build up quickly in closed ponds and partially open aquatic environments, due to the intense biological activity, the breakdown of plant debris and the accumulation of fish waste and uneaten food. But how would you know your pond is suffering from a high level of ammonia? Indicators can be cloudy water, greenish water, unhealthy fish, bad odours to name a few. If you have over stocked your pond with fish, you may have fish kills in the winter.

Tanks of Bacterius™ N in processAmmonia is highly toxic for the aquatic environment, making it imperative to prevent its accumulation. Adding Bacterius™ N to your pond or lake water is beneficial and provides an effective solution to regulating nitrogen compounds.

We see many clients who over stock fish on the advice of pisciculture suppliers. This is a real shame, since it is very stressful on the entire aquatic environment, especially the fish. In the warmest summer months adding Bacterius™ N bacteria to your pond is most beneficial for the fish and other aquatic life.

Benefits of Bacterius™ N nitrifying bacteria

Bacterius™ N improves water quality and eliminates the toxic effects of ammonia and nitrites on aquatic life.

  • Features a high-biomass, high-performance nitrifying bacteria consortium
  • Specifically to eliminate ammonia and nitrites in aquatic ecosystems
  • Actively oxidizes ammonia and nitrites, neutralizing their toxic effect on the aquatic life
  • Helps maintain a balanced aquatic ecosystem
  • Contributes positively to the health of aquatic animal and plant life
  • Reduces the risk of sickness and death among fish and plants

Features of Bacterius™ N

  • More than 500 mg of active nitrifying bacteria per liter
  • Highly stable
  • No chemical preservatives
  • Free of pathogenic contaminants
  • Active in fresh and salt water
  • Complete genetic profile available

Monthly dosage

Dosage may vary depending on application and environmental conditions.
Add the treatment dose evenly over the surface to be treated.

≤ 100 m³ of water volume: 12.5 ml / m³
> 100 m³ of water volume: 5 ml / m³

Conditions: +10ºC, pH 5-9. Active in fresh and salt water.




  • 1 litre
  • 4 litres
  • 20 litres
  • 205 litres *
  • 1 000 litres *

* Other packaging available on demand. Use all product within 2 months after bottle is opened.


  • Ponds and lakes
  • Fish farming ponds
  • Wastewater
  • Fish tanks
  • Reef tanks

Any other closed or partially open aquatic environment.