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Bacterius™ C - For organic matter

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Bacterius™ C quickly and safely eliminates organic matter and stinky muck from the pond floor! Features a blend of beneficial bacterial strains from natural aquatic environments selected for their ability to efficiently degrade organic matter in aquatic settings such as ponds and lakes. Canada’s #1 natural beneficial bacteria for improving pond health!

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Technical specifications

Bacterius™ C is a blend of natural strains of beneficial bacteria to digest organic matter found in ponds and lakes.  When introduced into the environment, the water treatment liquid formulation of Bacterius™ C bacteria become active, establish themselves and begin breaking down accumulated organic matter, mud and muck. Uneaten fish food, decomposing algae and plant material, fish waste and other organic sediments found at the bottom of ponds and lakes are excellent fuel for the bacteria in Bacterius C is made and bottled in optimal conditions to allow for a stable and efficient productBacterius™ C and will be digested by them.

As pond and lake water warms, the cycle of life begins, and in the pond this means productions of algae, phytoplankton blooms and sometimes cloudy murky water. Bacterius™ C bacteria will begin to rapidly consume the extra nutrients in your pond that are feeding the algae. If there is no nourishment available for the algae, they will not survive. Since Bacterius™ C is formulated to reduce the carbon sediments, it works right at the roots of the problem, at the sediment level, removing phosphorous, nitrogen, and foul odours, quickly and safely.

Our clients regularly order Bacterius™ C pond bacteria as part of their pond management regime, because it works quickly, it is affordable, easy to use and friendly for the environment.

The high degrading power and rapid growth rate of these natural beneficial bacteria give them a competitive advantage over potentially undesirable and pathogenic bacteria in the water. The natural bacteria strains of Bacterius™ C are capable of adapting to different aquatic environments. Using Bacterius™ C creates a controlled, balanced microbial flora that is healthy for aquatic plant and animal life.

Made from bacteria that are safe for humans as well as for aquatic flora and fauna, these active cultures are presented as spores, ensuring the product lasts a long time and maintains its degradation power. Bacterius ™ C is subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure its purity, stability and performance. 

Benefits of Bacterius™ C for organic matter & muck

Bacterius™ C is a biotechnology-based product for maintaining and regenerating aquatic environments

  • Degrades organic matter present in the sludge and suspended in the water
  • Helps maintain a balanced aquatic ecosystem
  • Helps reduce the concentration of chemicals used in fertilizers (nitrogen and phosphorus)Bacterius™ C natural bacteria
  • Helps reduce foul odours caused by anoxic conditions
  • Competes against sulfate reducing bacteria to prevent H2S gas production
  • Naturally clarifies the water
  • Contributes positively to the health of aquatic animal and plant life
  • Reduces the risk of sickness and death among fish and plants
  • Naturally selected bacteria strains
  • Highly adaptable
  • Highly stable
  • Free of chemical preservatives
  • Free of pathogenic contaminants
  • Active in fresh and salt water
  • Complete genetic profile available


  • Naturally selected bacteria strains
  • Highly adaptable
  • Highly stable
  • Free of chemical preservatives
  • Free of pathogenic contaminants
  • Active in fresh and salt water
  • Complete genetic profile available

Monthly dosage

≤ 100 m³ of water volume: 12.5 ml / m³
> 100 m³ of water volume: 5 ml / m³

Dosage may vary depending on application and environmental conditions.

Conditions: +10ºC, pH 5-9. Active in fresh and salt water.

Add the treatment dose evenly over the surface to be treated. If the pond is too big to do so, add the dose in the area of turbulence of the water supply or close to the diffusers.



  • 1 litre
  • 4 litres
  • 20 litres
  • 205 litres *
  • 1 000 litres *

* other packaging available on demand


  • Lakes and ponds
  • Fish farming ponds
  • Wastewater
  • Fish tanks
  • Reef tanks
  • Any other closed or partially open aquatic environment