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Bacterius™ 5B concentrated bacteria

6 – Bacterius™ 5B, Dry Concentrated Beneficial Bacteria



Bacterius™ 5B: highly concentrated beneficial natural bacteria with barley straw, five times more potent than Bacterius™ 1B! This is our #1 product for deep, yucky and smelly organic pond sediment!

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Technical specifications

Bacterius™ 5B concentrated bacteria dry formulation consists of billions of microbial cultures made up of beneficial natural bacterial strains specifically chosen to reduce dissolved organic carbon and organic sediments consisting of both cellulose and lignin components of dead and decaying algae and vegetation.

String algae choking a pond, in need of concentrated bacteria!Use Bacterius™ 5B concentrated bacteria in your pond or lake for severe or persistent algae blooms, deep organic, nutrient rich sediment and unpleasant odour problems. The concentrated bacteria formulation in Bacterius™ 5B acts quickly, hastening the process of organic decomposition when applied regularly and in the presence of lake bottom aeration. Even for instances when unwanted aquatic weeds such as Eurasian milfoil are present and worsening, Bacterius™ 5B is the answer. All beneficial bacteria are more efficient in the presence of lake bottom aeration.

With 5 billion active cells per gram, the pure and pathogen-free cultures in Bacterius™ 5B are the strongest pond & lake bacteria available. No need for premixing or messy dilution, 5B is packaged in pre-measured, half pound water-soluble packets, to allow for easy dosing. Simply toss in the appropriate number of pouches into the pond or at the lake shoreline, as the pouches dissolve, they release the beneficial bacteria into the water column, where they sink down and begin the process of consuming the nutrient rich muck.

Bacterius™ 5B is an effective treatment to remove organic matter that causes water clarity problems. Bacterius™ 5B reduces the odor and murky water associated with various types of accumulated organic wastes in lakes and ponds. This premium blend of natural bacterial cultures is an extra-strength pure bacterial mixture for accelerated treatment. This bacterial mixture provides an aggressive yet safe way to combat algae without the use of harsh chemicals.

Bacterius™ 5B improves overall water clarity and reduces odors, naturally enhancing the entire aquatic environment with no chemicals. When even the frogs won’t come to your pond, perhaps it’s time for Bacterius™ 5B!

Benefits of Bacterius™ 5B concentrated bacteria

Bacterius™ 5B reduces the accumulation of decaying plants, grass clippings, leaves, fish wastes and other organic materials and so helps:

  • Reduce and prevent the proliferation of algae
  • Improve water clarity in ponds and lakes
  • Reduce odours associated with anoxic conditions
  • Reduce lake bottom sludge and mucky pond sediments
  • Control excess nutrients that contribute to algae growth
  • Enhance the aquatic environment and restores equilibrium to the ecosystem.


Weekly dosage varies depending on the application, age of the pond, the fish and plant density and the amount of organic matter. Conditions needed: +10 °C / 50° F, pH 5 – 9

Dosage small ponds : 1 pouch / 340 m² (3660 ft²)
Dosage large ponds and lakes: 2 pouches / 680 m² (7320 ft²)


  • 1B for pond water quality maintenance
  • 5B for severe or persistent water quality problems


  • 10 lbs (4.5 kg), 30 x 0.5 lb. (150 g) soluble pouches
  • 25 lbs (11 kg) , 75 (150 g) soluble pouches


  • Ponds, lakes, dugouts
  • Golf course ponds, Stormwater Retention Ponds,
  • Irrigation ponds, stagnant water, Marinas

Living product: avoid freezing and humidity exposure.