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Bacterius™ No.2 for septic systems

8 – Bacterius™ No.2, for septic systems & tanks



Bacterius™ No.2 dry beneficial bacteria keeps septic systems, tanks and weeping fields clean and operating efficiently by maintaining beneficial bacteria at proper levels. Comes in soluble pouches that are simply flushed down the toilet or spread into drain lines. Bacterius™ No.2 septic formulation contains no harsh chemicals, solvents, caustics or acids.

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Technical specifications

Bacterius™ No.2 naturally degrades organic solids that can form in septic systems and drains. It will digest greases, oils, toilet papers, proteins, hair, sugar and organic waste.

Bacterius™ No.2 is ideal for cottages septic systems, outhouses, RV’s or the camp kitchen , this safe dried powdered bacteria mixture is used to accelerate the digestion and degradation of organic solids in domestic and commercial applications. The cultures in our bacterial cultures are of a superior potency and rapidly solubilize oils, greases, sugars proteins and waste organics. Ideal for use in recreational vehicles, at the cottage, camp or cabin where septic systems or outhouses are in need of some TLC!

Bacterius™ No.2 is approved for use in North America, safe to handle and safe for all plumbing, tanks and drains. Bacterius™ No.2 will non-chemically eliminate the buildup of organic wastes typically found in septic tanks and fields and drain lines. Eliminates fats, oils, grease, toilet paper, proteins, hair, starches, urine, sugars, fruit & vegetable wastes, human wastes, etc. We recommend you use all bacteria within 2 years of opening the jar. Keep bacteria in a cool area and do not allow to freeze.

Benefits of Bacterius™ No.2 for septic systems & tanks

  • Prevents clogging of weeping fields
  • Reduces sludge built up in septic tanks
  • Enhances the stability of waste treatment systems
  • Rapidly restores troubled septic systems
  • Controls bad odors associated with septic systems
  • Greatly reduces the need or the frequency of pumping
  • Efficiently degrades grease, papers and phosphate based soaps.
  • Significantly reduce the organic load in septic tanks & septic fields


  • Residential maintenance: 1 pouch per month per standard septic tank. Simply flush pouch in toilet. Increase frequency as required to eliminate odors and prevent backflow.
  • Commercial maintenance: 1 pouch per 3 000 flushes.
  • Drains and plumbing: Dissolve 1 to 2 pouches in 4 litres of warm water and mix vigorously. Pour immediately 1 litre per drain, shower, sink, toilet. Try not to use drain for 8 to 12 hours.
  • Chemical toilets and outhouses : 2 pouches per week (regular usage)
  • Grease trap: Dissolve 1 to 2 pouches in 4 litres of warm water and mix vigorously. Pour immediately over grease trap surface. 



  • Available in 1.5 lb (0.7 Kg) jars or in cases of 12 jars
  • 12 pouches of 2 ounces per jar
  • One container has a full year worth of preventive treatment


  • Waste treatment systems for residential and commercial sites
  • Septic tanks and septic fields
  • Chemical toilets, portable toilets or outhouses