Management of Water Quality in Recreational Water Bodies

Kasco Marine Floating Fountain 8400JF Madrone

One of our clients is an owner and operator of over 100 recreational properties (parks, recreational vehicle camps, vacation centers, marinas) across Canada, including 35 RV parks in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, the Maritimes and Quebec.

With the well-being of their customers at heart, the quality of the water in the bathing ponds and the maintenance of other bodies of water, are paramount to this company. They regularly do business with us.

Common and recurring problems include the presence of coliforms in the water, lack of oxygen in bathing ponds, the accumulation of organic sediments and the proliferation of algae.

The installation of aeration systems and the application of natural beneficial bacteria Bacterius™ allows them to control and prevent these problems. The embellishment of the ponds with illuminated Kasco floating fountains also added value to their recreational sites.

One of their campgrounds contacted us when their artificial lake was closed to bathing due to bacterial contamination detected during a government inspection. This contamination may have been caused in part by the presence of a high number of ducks on the lake or by the fact that the runoff water entering the lake passes through an agricultural environment. They installed three floating aerating fountains (model VFX), a decorative multi-nozzle fountain (model JF) with lights, a CanadianAir™ aeration system with Bubble Tubing® Diffuser and a surface circulator for their four acres (1.6 hectares) lake. When the authorities returned a year later, our client and the inspectors were very pleased to learn that they had gone from “D” rating to an “A” rating for the classification of their bathing water . This was the first time in the history of the campground, that they ever received an “A” rating for water quality in their bathing pond.Recreational site aeration with Bubble Tubing®

Here is a newspaper article about this story from July 11, 2014: Relief at Camping Tropicana,  swimming again authorized (available in French only): Soulagement au Camping Tropicana _ les baignades de nouveau autorisées

In 2012, a large Canadian city wanted to revamp the appearance and water quality of a 3-hectare urban pond located in a century-old park in the heart of downtown. The accumulation of filamentous algae, milfoil growth and water turbidity were among the issues to be addressed. Other municipalities are studying these solutions for implementation in the coming years.

The addition of:

Recreational site aeration with Bubble Tubing®The following year, a CanadianAir™ complete aeration system, including Bubble Tubing®, Torpedo tubing and a custom ventilated cabinet, was installed by our team. Results? They have never seen such clear water, without algae and odours for 40 years! They realized their use of algaecides is no longer necessary as the aeration and beneficial bacteria treatments are addressing nutrient loading. The use of algaecides is recommended for emergency or remedial treatments, rather than as a systematic treatment.

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