Ensuring Water Quality in Narrow, Shallow Canals

Shallow canals aeration in the United States

Shallow canals aeration in the United StatesHow can we ensure a good water quality for the many narrow and shallow canals that are commonly found in the United States (Ohio, Florida, etc.) and in Europe? Diffuser disks from standard aeration systems require a depth greater than 4 feet, ideally more, to be effective. Even then, their action is still too localized to be recommended for channels which, in addition to being often shallow, require aeration over a long distance. It is therefore necessary to consider a linear diffuser such as Bubble Tubing® which is known to be efficient even in shallow waters.

Indeed, our Bubble Tubing®, a linear fine bubble diffuser tube, is the best choice in shallow canal waters. It ensures excellent aeration throughout the length of the canals. We have the extraordinary opportunity to work with Diversified Pond Supplies, a company based in Ohio, United States that now distributes our Bubble Tubing® to the American market since 2009.

We invite you to view the following videos about DPS:

  • Joe Lochtefeld from Diversified Pond Supplies talk about Bubble Tubing