Control FOG & Odour in Sewage Lift Stations and Grease Traps

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Control FOG & Odour in Sewage Lift Stations and Grease TrapsWe offer solutions for the management of odours and the accumulation of FOG (fats, oils and grease) in grease traps of establishments where there is a kitchen or a laboratory (restaurants, institutions, hospitals, etc.).

Regular maintenance of grease traps is very important. Without proper maintenance, the grease particles will accumulate throughout the length of the pipe to the outlet, creating a narrowing of the walls, or even an almost complete pipe obstruction. Under such conditions, the tank may overflow and the gray contaminated water will flow back into the system through floor drains, sinks and dishwashers. This is messy, dangerous and odorous. Odor control is an important benefit of our grease trap management system.

As a preventive measure, a specific formulation of beneficial natural bacteria (Bacterius™ SEPT or Bacterius™ TRAP) containing the specific bacterial strains for managing odors and grease is distributed by a simple programmable automatic assay system known as the TRAP system. Via the TRAP system, the benefical bacteria is injected upstream and is regularly released, keeping the system free of grease even in the final stages where most of the accumulated FOG is eliminated.