Biological Treatment of Industrial Residual Waste Water

OcotAir™-10 diffuser for aeration of residual water from an abbatoir.

The biological treatment of residual waste water in the agri-food and industrial sector is possible with aeration and bioaugmentation.

A large volume of organics, chemicals and suspended solids is characteristic of agri-businesses wastewater. Many industrial establishments discharge water with an appreciable amount of fat, phosphorous, nitrogen and sodium chloride. Since these waters are usually free of metals and are considered biodegradable, biological treatments can be recommended.

Some of our clients with residual waste water issues

  • One of our customers with operations in Saskatchewan, Ontario and Alberta has been in the agri-food business for over two centuries. Their factories in Canada involved in food processing need to manage residual waste water containing fats. They also must control odours, and ensure overall high water quality at the treatment sites.  According to the specific needs and the type of transformation at each plant, we proposed our strongest beneficial bacteria formulation Bacterius™ 5B in conjunction with aeration in the basins.
  • Another client in Tahiti works in the field of animal slaughter. Being the only commercial slaughterhouse in French Polynesia, it had to be renovated to comply with discharge standards. New, more energy efficient equipment had to be purchased to manage the wastewater. Two aeration systems with compressors and industrial OctoAir-10 diffusers were acquired. The treatments with beneficial bacteria Bacterius™ specific to waste water finalised the water treatment with a minimum of management and energy consumption.