Biological Landfill Leachate, Wastewater and Effluent Treatment

Stormwater aeration with Bubble Tubing® diffuser

Clients seek ways to treat leachate, wastewater and other effluents stored in catchment basins efficiently and effectively. Here are some examples.

A manufacturer dealing with wood residues such as wood chips, sawdust, fibre and other wood products wanted global improvements to the onsite waste water treatment system.

Mine effluents aeration with OctoAir™ diffusers Two catchment basins collect surface water from the processing areas. Before being released into the environment to comply with environmental standards this water must be treated. Even though the customer was already aerating these ponds with surface injectors, they were looking for new technologies to increase energy efficiency, reduce maintenance of diffusers and compressors and ultimately have superior treatment results.

A 15 HP (11.2 kW) surface hydro-mixer was replaced with a 10 HP (7.5 kW) rotary claw compressor in the first pond along with linear Bubble Tubing® diffusers installed at the bottom of the basin. This change reduced electrical consumption and eliminated the need for machinery and electricity in the water. The result was a high level of oxygen in the water that immediately met environmental standards and provided significant energy savings.

The second basin previously used an expensive floating solar aeration system which proved to be the highly inefficient most of the time. Several lines of Bubble Tubing® and a rotary claw compressor replaced that setup. The customer who has incorporated our innovative solutions in these two basins is very pleased with the new low energy costs and the high-performance results. Previous systems never achieved these results. In addition to aeration, they also apply Bacterius™ C, a natural beneficial bacteria for digestion of organic matter, and Bacterius™ N, for nitrification during peak summer periods. Being geographically located near our office, the client also benefits from our maintenance and repair service.

A company specialising in the recovery and composting of solid waste from the pulp and paper industry needed to control and manage the runoff and infiltration of leachate.

Landfill Leachate Treatment with Bubble Tubing®

Their site consists of a series of catchment basins.  These lead into an anaerobic treatment basin followed by man-made filter marshes. Their air diffusers were out date.  They were costly to maintain and did not achieve the expected results. To improve their overall operations, they wanted to reduce their energy consumption costs, increase the transfer of oxygen to enhance the quality of the water and thus allow a better efficiency of treatments in the basins. Noisy compressors from the original installations were bothering the neighbours as well.

They replaced their ineffective large bubble diffusers with our linear Bubble Tubing®, independently tested for oxygen transfer and energy efficiency rates. The oxygen transfer rate is exceptional due to the fine bubble size and large surface area covered by the linear tubing.

The company also upgraded the one large compressor as it consumed a lot of energy and was very noisy. Instead, each airline is now served by a single piston compressor. The new systems have significantly reduced power consumption and noise.  They have also increased the reliability of the entire aeration system. Indeed, when a compressor is down for maintenance, the others can continue working, keeping the proper oxygen balance required for safe water treatment. When treating contaminated water, dissolved oxygen levels of 2 mg/l or more are needed to maintain the bacteria flora functioning properly.

The client has noted the diffusers rarely require maintenance, but when they do, it is relatively easy as removal of the diffusers from the water is not necessary as they can be purged from shore. They have now benefited from many years of efficient aeration with our Bubble Tubing®. Owners are pleased with the results.  They have reduced their energy consumption while increasing the speed with which they treat winter runoff.

This international customer is located in Oman in the Middle East. The mandate? Aeration of a municipal leachate basin to control odours.

CanadianAir™ Aeration SystemThe client was interested in Bubble Tubing® due to its flexibility allowing it to adapt readily to the irregularly shaped leachate pond. The existing systems consisted of energy inefficient surface aerators.  They highly agitated the water, creating thick foam on the surface that impeded the transfer of oxygen into the water and caused excess water evaporation. The surface aerators also did not address the odour problem at the periphery of the basins.

The customer’s engineers were looking for an alternative solution that would develop less turbulence in the water but still provide high oxygen inputs to maintain the leachate tank under aerobic conditions.

Several parallel lines of Bubble Tubing® were installed in the basin to add more oxygen. The foam produced by the previous system was substantially reduced. The odour problem was eliminated. For optimal results, we recommended the type, model and supplier of compressor required, to ensure that the Bubble Tubing® was powered by the correct air to pressure ratio according to our established standards. The project was completed in 2013.

For this client, it was necessary to find an efficient aeration system to manage water quality at the municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Treatment with aeration of pulp and paper run-off residues We suggested a CanadianAir™ aeration system using Bubble Tubing® as a solution for this city of the Eastern Townships of Quebec. An independent engineering firm was mandated by the municipality to determine the best option between the CanadianAir™, the Atara and the Biolac systems. The actual results obtained showed that our aeration system came out ahead of the other two proposed systems. CanadianAir™ aeration system has provided impressive results compared to the results of the past.

This municipal client was looking for new technologies to aerate leachate from a dump site.

They wanted to switch from surface air injectors.  These were easily damaged by winter ice, inaccessible for repair, insufficient in providing the required oxygen, and costly to run. The dump site was not respecting its environmental discharge license. As the site was in need of expansion the client came to us to find a solution.

With a new manager, it was determined that there should be a better way to aerate the leachate. They contacted us to test our Bubble Tubing®. Eventually, they replaced all their surface aerators and are now exclusively using our CanadianAir™ Systems with Bubble Tubing®. Their power requirements have been dramatically reduced, and their discharge standards are now being respected, enabling them to increase their operations and their revenues.Leachate treatment

A Canadian company provides construction and waste management services including composting services.

Water from composting can create bad odours and problems of water quality. They turned to us to for practical and ecological solutions for managing the site.