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Water fringe, an aquatic plant you don’t want to see in your pond!

…but unfortunately, Nymphoides peltata (also known as water fringe or yellow floating heart) is widely available in garden center.  Don’t make the mistake of purchasing it as it spreads around very easily and little is known for the control of this species and no biological control is known.

  • It kills fish and underwater plants by taking most of the oxygen from the water.
  • It also kills fish by taking sunlight from plants which is their food source.  Larger fish then die because the smaller fish are their food source.
  • It keeps us from from canoeing, kayaking, and swimming in our ponds because the roots are stiff and hard to evade.
  • It costs millions of dollars to prevent and impacts tourist industry

There are solutions available, in the form of aquatic weed control tools, bio-augmentation and aeration systems, but they do require physical work and patience.  Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more!  

Nymphoides peltata or water fringe