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What is a fine bubble diffuser such as Bubble Tubing® ?

Bubble Tubing ® is a new Canadian-made self-sinking, flexible, fine bubble diffuser tubing available in ½”and ¾” airline sizes. Bubble Tubing® can be used for industrial applications including mining and aquaculture. This unique tubing is also great for aerating ponds, water-gardens, long narrow waterways, and wherever a bottom mounted diffusion assembly is not desired or appropriate. The ½” Bubble Tubing® can be run in continuous lengths of 200 feet. ¾” Bubble Tubing®   can be run in longer lengths depending on flow and pressure.

Bubble Tubing fine bubble diffuser advantagesThis self-sinking tubing has two rows of tiny holes ½” apart along the entire length of the tubing. When air from the compressor fills the tubing the holes open and release tiny air bubbles into the water. As these bubbles rise together they create a moving water column with a vacuum effect that pulls water from lower depths towards the surface. It does not kink and contains no lead or dangerous heavy metals.

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