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Why choose a linear areation system with Bubble Tubing?

What are the advantages of a linear aeration system over traditional diffuser discs?

Linear aeration system with Bubble Tubing Diffuser

Rather than having bubbles concentrated around a diffuser disc or stone diffuser, it is much more efficient to have air distributed over a length of 100 feet or longer by using linear Bubble Tubing. Bubble Tubing is a flexible tube that can be positioned in wide circles, arcs or a simple line, allowing for better distribution of bubbles over a larger surface area.  A standard aeration system using a diffuser disc or stone is also less efficient in shallow water, as the aggressive and often large bubbles have little time to transfer oxygen to the water.

Bubble Tubing is unique in that it is functions equally well in both shallow depths such as required for raising shrimp for example, and deeper water found in lakes and ponds.

Bubble tubing is weighted so there is no need to fill a container with sand or weigh down a pipe with bricks. Simply lay the line down from the back of a boat as you slowly move forward. The line will sink into position. To move, simply lift and adjust by pulling on the tubing and repositioning it. With bubble tubing there is no risk of damaging a clumsy and heavy sand filled diffuser disc for example.Small pond aeration with Bubble Tubing diffuser

The bubble pattern with the Bubble Tubing is less aggressive than diffuser stones that often create large bubbles. When installed properly all at the same depth (pressure) Bubble Tubing creates a fine, homogenous bubble pattern along its entire length. In deep and shallow water you can expect excellent performance from the Bubble Tubing, which equates to excellent oxygen transfer. With Bubble Tubing, the surface of the water remains calm but the impact on the pond or canal is significant.

For large surface areas such as lakes or canals, a linear aeration system with Bubble Tubing is superior to diffuser discs simply by the surface area covered, vs. being concentrated in only two or three spots that can leave areas stagnant and un-oxygenated. For similar coverage, you would require many more stone diffusers and possibly more compressors and tubing, to treat the same area with Bubble Tubing. These traditional stone or membrane diffusers can also create a fair bit of agitation in the water that can be unpleasant.Shallow canal aeration with Bubble Tubing diffuser

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