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Biomatrix Water Floating Islands Treatment Wetlands

Developed and perfected for over 20 years, Biomatrix Floating Islands are available in Canada from Canadianpond.ca. Superior construction and design will provide years of worry free service, making these award-winning Biomatrix Floating Ecosystems the Best floating island on the market!

Biomatrix intended for their floating islands to create a terrestrial habitat in aquatic environments while helping purify the water in which they float. Commonly known as Floating Treatment Wetlands (FTW) these floating islands encourage plant growth above and below the waterline. The design allows for wetland and terrestrial plants to grow, providing more variety of plants species to do the important work of water purification. Biomatrix Floating Ecosystems are considered a Best Management Practice (BMP) to remove nutrients and improve water quality in lakes, ponds, canals. Unique to Biomatrix Floating Islands is the Dynamic Biofilter Media (DBM) that hangs below the island components, multiplying the island efficiency for water purification by creating a rich habitat for billions of beneficial bacteria.

The technology of Biomatrix floating islands mimics how natural wetlands purify water. Through the sheer enormous surface area of the plant root systems, the island itself, and the Biofilter Media, Biomatrix floating islands provide habitat for biofilm growth (habitat of microscopic bacteria) that do the valuable work of purifying water. These floating treatment wetlands remove nutrients (TN, TP), suspended solids (TSS), metals (Zn, Cu) and excess ammonia (NH3), increasing the availability of oxygen for other processes. Several U.S. jurisdictions have now approved using FTW as a Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP). The use of floating islands in conjunction with lake-bottom aeration below the islands helps improve the treatment dramatically.

Biomatrix Water Floating island

Compared to other Floating Treatment Wetlands

Compared to other floating treatment wetlands available on the market, Biomatrix Floating Ecosystems are:

Quick to incorporate into any landscape design and are incredibly easy to install.

We sell these islands by component pieces that join quickly together to create countless combinations and sizes of floating islands and shoreline extensions. Like Lego for Wetlands! One to two people can easily pick up a planted component piece for an efficient installation.

Made of robust materials designed to be functional for many years.

The frame of the island is a sealed HDPE tube known as a Thermo-fused Tough Float™ that is self-floating and supports internal layers of material for structure and wicking. Within the island structure is a flexible hollow hose that allows for easy planting. Coir (coconut fiber) is used to wrap parts, creating a tidy and functional unit. Unlike other floating islands on the market, no recycled PET bottles are used, so they are very compatible in aquatic environments and will not degrade by UV light or bird action. One year warranty on manufacturer’s defaults.

Designed by Biomatrix to allow successful planting of wetland and terrestrial plants.

Many more planting opportunities, for plant layering, and understory development. Also, due to the unique design, islands do not require watering (to assist with plant establishment) after launch.

Intelligent features that integrate easily with the islands.
Biomatrix Dynamic Biofilter Media (DBM) hangs below the islands creating an ideal habitat for growing or sustaining biofilms that do the important work of cleaning the water. Inspired by a variety of coral reef species, the Biomatrix Biofilter Media below the Biomatrix floating island creates a dynamic ecosystem capable of very efficient water purification.
Bird Grazing Protection Systems are robust stainless steel fencing that clips into the corner units. Only add the protective mesh (netting is not recommended) along the sides or above as a canopy, depending on the need. Flexible wall design allows for some fence and fence-free sections on the same island, so birds can rest but not denude the island while making a nest.
Anchor kits that are user-friendly, efficient and designed specifically for Biomatrix Floating islands.
No planting medium required when planting wetland plants.

Wood chips, compost, and moss can be used to complement the choice of plants. We offer support for choosing plants and planting layout. Contact us.

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