Canadianpond.ca ships its products worldwide direct from our headquarters in Quebec, Canada. We have several contacts throughout the world who are able to provide technical information about our products and/or do installation for your project. We also have distributors in the United States, France, Great Britain, and in Spain. We are welcoming applications for other distributors.

Map our clients and distributors

Our distributors offer our excellent Canadian made Bubble Tubing® diffuser for waste water,lake aeration, air bubble curtains applications and sound wave attenuation, canal restoration, mixing and deicing.

1. Probul is our distributor in France

Probul's websiteThis company is specialized in the study, concept, installation, and the sale of innovative products for aquatic management. Their expertise concentrates in the aeration, circulation, and bio augmentation sector. Probul sells custom CanadianPond aeration systems and our Bacterius beneficial bacteria products in the restoration of lakes, ponds, waste water sanitation, leachate, aquaculture, and water basins. Probul is also distributor for Kasco Marine Ltd products in France. Their products range includes fountains, aerators or deicing systems.

Contact Probul.fr if you have an aquatic management project to design in the area of France.

2. Vita Water Technologies for bio-remediation solutions in lakes and ponds

Vita Water Tech's websiteVita Water Tech is a company located in Lethbridge in Alberta. It is specialized in bioremediation of lakes and ponds with floating islands. This company distributed our Bubble Tubing® and our bacteria in addition to the floating islands and for every biological water treatments. They can also design bubble curtain and deicing projects.

Check Vita Water Tech.com to learn about their field of expertise and their distribution area.

3. Frog Environmental, our distributor in United Kingdom

Frog-Environmental's websiteFrog Environmental is a company specializing in water quality and sediment management. This team of environmental professionals offer technical support and advice to all their projects. Frog Environmental is now our Bubble Tubing® distributor for the United Kingdom area. They are using our Bubble Tubing® as a diffuser and our bacteria for the biological water treatment in the following type of projects:

  • Aeration in lakes and ponds
  • Bubble curtain for fish spawning in streams
  • Bio augmentation for water treatment
  • Lakes and ponds treatment with floating island and aeration

Check Frog Environmental.co.uk for more information on the company.

4. PSP Water Engineering SL in Spain

PSP Water Engineering is a company from Spain specialized in waste water treatment, retention basins, municipal ponds and bubble curtain. Led by Mr. Ramiro Cercos, PSP Water Engineering provides aeration solutions with our Bubble Tubing® and OctoAir-10™. They also provide bioaugmentation and Polydex algaecide treatments.

Contact PSP Water Engineering by sending an email to Ramiro Cercos.

5. EasyPro Pond Products in USA

EasyPro is our Bubble Tubing® distributor for private and commercial aeration projects. Located in Michigan, this company can offer biological treatments solutions for your pond.

Check Easy Pro Pond Products.com for more information on the company.

6. Diversified Pond Supplies is our distributor for Bubble Tubing® in the United States

Shallow channel linear water aeration project with DPS

Diversified Pond Supplies uses Bubble Tubing® for:

  • Shallow channel aeration, lake aeration and waste water aeration
  • Deicing marinas, barges, docks…

Watch Diversified Pond Supplies videos:

7. DeiceAir in Ontario, specialized in deicing

Specialized in deicing project, DeicAir offers sales and installation service for systems with our Bubble Tubing® as diffuser in lakes, marina or ponds in Muskoka region in Ontario.

Check DeicAir.ca for projects requiring deicing for your private or business needs.

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