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Bahia Del Mar Lake Restoration with Aeration

Large lake aeration project with Vertex systems
  • Large lake aeration project with Vertex systems
Vertex service center accreditation

Bahia Del Mar Lake Home Owner Association

St. Petersburg, Florida

Vertex Aquatic Systems aerators for lake restorationWe’ve been working for several years with Vertex Water Features who provide us with reliable and versatile aeration systems tailored to our customer’s needs. This lake restoration case study carried out with Vertex aeration systems in a 14 acre lake in Florida proves the effectiveness of fine bubble aeration to solve problems of fish mortality, bad odors, algae growth, organic sediment accumulation, high coliform bacterial counts and very low oxygen levels. Treatment with alum (aluminum sulfate) to precipitate the suspended solids found in the water was made at Phase III.

Read the complete case study (PDF): Lake Restoration Case Study