Aeration systems from industrial to private applications

At water aeration is our specialty and has been the foundation of our business for over the past decade. We know how to meet aeration goals with high quality pond bubblers, aerators, circulators, diffusers, compressors and tubing using proven techniques that save time while reducing operating costs. 

As an authorized repair and service center for Kasco Marine, Aquamaster and Vertex Water Features, we are able to offer you the Robust-Aire, Pond Lyfe, High Flow and AquaAir ponds and lakes aeration systems.  We have our very own CanadianAir Diffusion Systems that are custom made bottom aerators built from the best components we could find.  For our clients in remote locations and who may not have access to electricity, we also carry solar systems and windmill aerators. Keep on reading below to learn more about the custom, plug and play, solar and wind aeration systems carried by or follow these links (above) directly to the product pages. At any time, feel free to contact us by phone, via email or in person for expert advice!

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Benefits of Aeration

Goals of Aeration

Fine Bubble Aeration Diffusers

Bottom Aerators Versus Surface Aerators

Our Mission Statement as Leaders in Water Aeration

Our Aeration Video Playlists on YouTube

Aeration Systems Options:

    1. CanadianAir Diffusion Custom Systems using Bubble Tubing
    2. Plug and Play Aeration for Industrial, Commercial or Residential Applications:

Want to know more about aeration?

Benefits of Aeration

As shown in Agriculture Canada’s following video animation, dugout aeration improves water quality.Before Aeration with Bubble Tubing, Pushkar Lake, India has the aeration solutions for a significant and broad customer base. The basins, ponds and lakes that receive aeration are equally diverse, as are the goals and results. The same aeration technology can solve an impressive array of water quality problems from targeting specific organics, reduction of odours, mixing and de-gassing to name a few. Learn more about a lake aeration project that used our Bubble Tubing aeration, in India.

Wastewater Treatment: Municipal sewage, abattoirs, industrial composting and other industrial wastewater treatment plants turn to aeration and microbial action for biological nutrient removal, liquid mixing, increasing oxygen and oxidation, reducing noxious odours associated with Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and better sludge management.OCTO AIR Industrial diffuser for waste water aeration

Oil, Gas and Mineral Extraction Industries: Aeration is used for de-gassing, cooling systems, mineral recovery, oxidation, deicing for water pumping, dewatering, reclaiming and reusing produced water from oil and gas production, end pit lakes and tailing ponds contaminated water treatment.

Agriculture, Food Industry and Aquaculture: Odour reduction in waste, improved waste water treatment, improving water quality for animal consumption, watering, irrigation ponds, deicing, and decontamination of holding tanks and lagoons are several applications for aeration in this sector.

Ponds and Lakes System: Without a pond bubbler, an older or man-made water body can become stratified and depleted of oxygen at the sediment level. During anoxic conditions, dangerous nutrients and heavy metals are released into the water column from the sediment which increases nutrient load and so also, plant and algae growth. OctoAir-10 diffuser fine bubble air pattern in lake waterIn winter, these anoxic conditions often result in fish kill as the released gases are trapped under the ice. With aeration, the water body is de-stratified and oxygen is available at the sediment level for aerobic bacteria to decompose organic matter, and reduce available nutrients in the system. Oxygen is continually available for fish, invertebrates, microbes, maintaining equilibrium in the system. Aeration systems in winter can also act as a deicing system, preventing ice formation and allowing gasses such as HS2 to be released year round. With proper aeration a phenomena called bio-dredging, where the organic sediments are consumed and water depth returns to its non-organic layer, occurs over time. For Industrial, Governmental and Private aeration projects visit our client projects sections of our website.

Open Channels and Rivers: Following a 2014 study, it was found that an air bubble screen can influence flow patterns and bed morphology in open channels and rivers, preventing sediment from clogging curves in streams that must be dredged regularly to remain open for the transport of goods.

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Goals of Aeration

69 days after aeration with Bubble Tubing, Lake Pushkar, India

We always start with the goals for aeration. Does your aquaculture business want to reduce operating costs while improving water clarity? Do the regulations require decontamination of holding tanks faster than your system currently performs? Is the drinking reservoir or lake contaminated with Manganese (Mn) leaving otherwise good water unfit for drinking? Or how can operational costs be reduced using bottom aeration instead of surface aerators to treat leachate in basins and retaining ponds? Proper aeration is an ecological and efficient component to address these environmental and management issues.

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Fine Bubble Aeration Diffusers

The fine bubbles (also called micro bubbles) from aeration systems are critical for achieving exacting results whether oxygenating a wastewater treatment plant, using aeration to biologically remove excess nutrients such as Phosphorous (P), to control gas such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) or even to use aeration for liquid mixing. Not only do bubbles transfer Fine bubble aeration with linear Bubble Tubingoxygen, they move and mix, clarify, de-stratify and essentially decontaminate water by oxidation. The size of the bubble matters greatly for the application as we have noticed in our work. offers a range of aeration diffusers that perform optimally under different environmental conditions for various applications. Contact us for inspiration and sound advice. Our proposals respect operating budgets, timelines and desired air transfer results.

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Bottom Aerators Versus Surface Aerators

Surface aerators and circulators are required for some applications such as fish farming, where de-stratifying the water column is not desired. However, the oxygen transfer rate is normally higher when bottom diffusers are used since the oxygen is transferred in the whole water column. In addition when surface tension is broken by bubbles, oxygen found in the atmosphere can be transferred to exposed water. We can help you decide which system is best for your application.

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Our Mission Statement as Leaders in Water Aeration:

  • To be a valuable team member in finding cost effective, energy efficient solutions for a wide array of aeration needs, advising only what is required;
  • To seek innovative and creative solutions for  improving water quality with a CanadianAir Diffusion System that performs exceptionally with reduced energy consumption and operational costs;
  • To offer our expertise and assistance with technical performance and efficiency, for new systems and for retrofitting existing systems;
  • To supply top quality component parts with full after sale service, so aeration systems perform optimally over time;
  • To stay ahead of developments in our field and offer advice based on our expertise and experience in real life situations;
  • To continually stay connected to leaders in our field, improving what we do;
  • To deliver more than what is expected.

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Our Aeration Video Playlists on YouTube

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Aeration Systems Options

1. CanadianAir Diffusion Systems using Bubble Tubing

CanadianAir Diffusion Systems are custom industrial aeration systems that use the very efficient Bubble Tubing linear fine bubble diffuser, on its own or embedded in an OctoAir-10 industrial grade diffuser, with you choice of compressor, cabinet, tubing length, and hardware components all chosen to specifically match the application.CanadianAir Diffusion System for aeration

Included in CanadianAir Diffusion Systems are the following:

  • powerful, reliable and energy efficient compressor chosen to match the application;
  • industrial grade linear fine bubble air diffuser system (Bubble Tubing or OctoAir-10) chosen to match the application;
  • airline delivery hose;
  • necessary hardware including valves, plugs, clamps, etc.;
  • Canadian made, ventilated locking cabinet when required.

As every CanadianAir Diffusion System is custom designed, pricing is quoted once the compressor type (piston, rotary claw etc.), tubing size (1/2”, ¾”, 1 ¼”), type (weighted, non-weighted), lengths (custom cut, rolls, spools), hardware and cabinet options are discussed.

As aeration specialists we use the best components to design our complete aeration systems. We know the strengths and limitations of the products we sell. We know how to combine parts for optimal performance under vastly different environmental conditions. And every system we sell is tested by us so what you see in a CanadianAir Diffusion Systems is simply the best on the market, from the industrial grade diffusers to the compressor as well as other components such as tubing, connectors, etc. With our name behind the CanadianAir Diffusion Systems, you are assured of a quality system that will reach your goals and that is backed by the best after sales service you can find.  We honour all parts and warranties, in addition to being able to do in house repairs.

CanadianAir Diffusion System Components Customized for Your Project:

Each component of a CanadianAir Diffusion System must be chosen carefully in order to build an optimal system that matches the application most intelligently. Our experts can help filter out the options for compressors, airline delivery hose, diffusers, hardware and cabinetry, helping you design the most energy and cost efficient system for the application. We can also advise optimal layout for an aeration project.

  • Configuration of the Water Basin, Holding Tank or Lake Bottom for CanadianAir Diffusion system diffuser selection

We look at the basin floor, its size, configuration, depth, and any important features or limitations. The basin configuration often determines which diffuser is best suited to the application. And as air diffusers vary in air transfer rate, CFM, design, cost, and maintenance, our expertise can help you decide if bubble tubing or another type of diffuser is warranted.

  • Matching the Compressor in the CanadianAir Diffusion System to the Application

The compressor is another critical component in the aeration set up.  Our expertise can help you decide the best options possible, whether a Piston Compressor, Rotary Claw or Screw compressor is best and why. Does the operation warrant a new compressor or can the system make do with existing equipment? can help retrofit an existing aeration system of any parts or components including the compressor. We also can help size the compressor when the diffusers changes, ensuring optimal performance results with minimum operational costs. Often commercial systems do not perform as well as they should simply because the compressor is not the correct model for the application. Contact us with your project details, we are here to help.

  • Airline Delivery Hose, Hardware and Cabinetry used in CanadianAir Diffusion Systems

Airline delivery hose known as Torpedo tubing, heat resistant tubing, accessories, hardware and cabinetry are integral to an efficient aeration system layout. Consider saving tens of thousands of dollars with one larger compressor and a stainless steel custom valve system versus an array of six blowers, each consuming more power than what is really required. Our Torpedo Tubing is flexible, self-sinking and performs consistently year after year. We sell only top quality hardware and design valve systems in-house to meet specific project requirements. Our cabinets are robust, durable, ventilated and quiet. Use one of our cabinets or purchase a bare compressor and install it in an existing structure.

  • Additional Services to Support an Aeration Project using CanadianAir Diffusion Systems

Additional services include support (an independent engineer) to achieve specific oxygen transfer rate targets for Bubble Tubing or OctoAir-10 based on the results we obtained from The Evaluation of the Oxygen Transfer Capabilities report by Gerry Shell in 2011 (GSEE Inc. Environmental Engineering Service).  Compare our technology to others before you make a decision, this could provide significant savings in equipment purchasing and operational costs.

GSEE Bubble Tubing™ oxygen transfer tests report’s conclusion:GSEE report on aeration capabilities of our bubble tubingUB-GSEE

“Overall, the results obtained for the Products Ltd. aeration systems were uniformly excellent and produced some of the highest SOTE values GSEE, Inc. has observed.”

In a rush? We have close contact with our suppliers who work well with us in a pinch. Contact us and see what we can do for you quickly and efficiently. We carry inventory, parts, and components and have access to efficient shipping supply lines in Canada, the United States and overseas.  Our products are distributed by different dealers around the world. Contact us to find out more!

If a Canadian Air Diffusion system using Bubble Tubing is not for your project, consider a plug and play system from Kasco Marine, Vertex, or Aquamaster.  No electricity? No problem, we have wind and solar aeration too! has what you need in aeration.

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2. Plug and Play Aeration for Industrial, Commercial or Residential Applications

SEIKA Ecorator JR High Efficiency Air DiffuserIn addition to our line of custom CanadianAir Diffusion Systems, carries a full line of aeration systems from our trusted suppliers: Kasco Marine, Vertex Water Features, Aquamaster, Outdoor Water Solutions (windmills for wind aeration) and Keeton Industries (solar aeration). Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us, it is our pleasure to assist you in whatever way we can!

2.1  Kasco Marine Robust-Aire 1 to 6 complete aeration system using Robust-Aire Diffusers

Kasco Marine Robust-Aire is a complete electric aeration system that uses Robust-Aire diffusers to transfer air to the lake bottom.

Product Range: The RA1 aeration system comes with one diffuser, one line of air hose (100’), compressor, locking cabinet (for ground or post-mounted), up to the RA6 system which comes with six diffusers and six lines of air hose (100’).

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2.2 SEIKA Ecorator High Performance Air Diffuser

The Ecorator air diffuser’s powerful airlift efficiency, doubles the agitation effect in tanks and is practical for fluid carrier flow systems. The oxygen resolution efficiency is 30% higher than conventional cylindrical air diffusers. Resulting energy savings are to be expected. Two models available: Ecorator and Ecorator Jr.

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2.3  Kasco Marine High Oxygen Surface Aerators and circulators

Robust-Aire aeration systemKasco makes a reliable high oxygen surface aerator that is ideal for aquaculture or in situations where surface aeration (without the fountain display) is desired. Kasco also sells circulators for circulating stagnant water or to keep water debris away.

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2.4  Vertex Pond Lyfe 1 to 4, XL2 to 4, XL5 High Flow and XL8 High Flow complete aeration system

Vertex Water Features offers a complete series of plug and play systems from small to very large, for a wide variety of aeration applications.

Product Range: The Pond Lyfe comes with 2 diffuser discs mounted on one base, compressor and cabinet.  Not included: airline hose (50’ increments, specify length,). The HF5 XL8 (High Flow) comes with 5 diffuser stations (8 diffuser discs each), 4 compressors, large lake cabinet.

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2.5   AquaMaster AquaAir Series Aerators offers a complete line of aeration system using single, dual or quad membrane diffusers.

AquaMaster systems are housed in a revolutionary cylindrical design enclosure in stainless steel, whose chimney effect assists to cool the compressor.

Product range: Aquamaster aeration ranges from the AquaAir  1 to 6, and Deep Water  1 to 4 models.

Aquamaster also sells the Ultimax air injector and Hydromixer for instances when no fountain spray or onshore motor and compressor is desired.Windmill aerator

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2.6   Windmill Aerators from Outdoor Water Solutions

Windmill aerators are ideal for dugouts, farm ponds or remote ponds too far from electricity. More affordable than solar aeration, windmill aeration requires a noticeably windy location to work most efficiently. Consider windmill aeration as a viable back-up during storm power outages.

From heights of 4.9 m (16’) up to 7.3 m (24’), single or double diffuser options available.

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2.7   Solar Aeration with Solaer  made by Keeton Industries

Solar aerators for pondsFor remote industrial aeration applications or clients living off the grid, solar aeration with Solaer is an option. These reliable systems, sized from water gardens and ponds all the way up to industrial applications, are a solid long term investment.

The CB series are for industrial applications and the SB series is for smaller water bodies. With battery back-up included with the system, depending on the circumstances, the Solaer can offer 20 hours of continuous aeration.

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Want to know more about aeration?

If you want to find out more about our products and their applications, we invite you to visit our “Learn” section where you can read our articles for in more depth facts, tips and tricks about aeration. Be sure to visit often as new articles will be posted on a regular basis! Enjoy your reading!

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